Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hyper Parfait Celebrity

To all our dear followers, I am starting a new section in Hyper Parfait. It's called Hyper Parfait Celebrity!

So what is Hyper Parfait Celebrity?

Well, it's simply anime and jdrama characters who are spotted eating parfaits in their own respective shows. The character/s doesn't need to be on the list that we are covering to be featured, as long as he/she is eating parfait, then it's qualified. The screenshot, series name, episode number and character name will be posted in any event that a character is eating any type of parfait.

Spotted someone already? Share with us!

If there's a character that you've already seen eating parfait in an episode before that you want to be featured as our celebrity, then feel free contact us through qt_26_xtine@yahoo.com Please include the screen shot, series name, episode number and character name. Please use this as your subject “[H*P Celebrity] – Character Name – Series Name” so that I can easily recognize your mail.

This section will start as soon as a character is spotted eating parfait. So send in your e-mails now!

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