Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hanasakeru Seishounen - Episode 8


Kajika: It's a promise between friends.
Promise me too


I got what I want this episode. Li Ren was really cool! Bridgette attempted to hurt Kajika and the punishment? Banishment from the house! Li Ren gave her 1 full hour to think about her future and who knows what he will do if Bridgette didn't leave the house. Anyway, Rumati has gone back to Raginei and everything's okay FOR NOW. Rumati's story will for sure be continued in the near future since Quinza still has plans on his own. But good thing for Rumati, he has gained a friend in Kajika. I'm sure Rumati will be back in the future episodes to come.
Speaking of coming back, the next episode shows that Eugene is baaaaack! :)

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