Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 5

The Rain of Sorrow

This episode made me realize that I prefer the remake rather than the original Fullmetal Alchemist shown years ago. This episode featured the first Ed vs. Scar fight where Ed broke his automail and Al had his armor blasted into pieces. The interpretation was splendidly done in the Brotherhood especially that it has little comedy courtesy of Hughes who never fails to lighten the mood of the situation and to Roy who always forgets that he is completely useless when it is raining. (Just like right now, it's currently raining so Roy is again a useless alchemist...haha. ) Good thing that he has Risa who would quickly come to the rescue if Roy is in the middle of grave danger. We also get to credit Armstrong for showing his shining and perfect body while fighting Scar and for sharing his Artistic Alchemy. I am definitely entertained!
We also get to see Envy, one of the 7 Homonculus. He is still badass as ever and still, he is my 2nd loved homunculus. Of course, Greed is still on top of my list. But too bad, Greed will make a debut later on, in the middle of the story.
But what I love the most in the story was the extreme brotherly love that the Elric brothers have for each other. I was actually touched by what Al said to Ed because if I am in Ed's place, I would definitely make the same decision as he did. I guess that's how we, the eldest child thinks. But it's really lucky for them to be still alive and continue on moving forward with their own lives.
On the other note, is it just me or is Roy much more sympathetic in the re-adaptation? That's what I noticed with him at first. All I can remember from him in the original FMA was his bully attitude towards Ed. But right now, he shows more concern for the Elric brothers but of course, the bullying is still there. Hahaha.
Okay so next episode would be the homecoming of Ed and Al as they get their bodies repaired by Winry! I am excited to see her next week!

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