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Detective Conan - Episode 530-531

The Truth About the Urban Legend (Parts 1 and 2)

This is one interesting case of Detective Conan. Screen caps galore for this episode. Yey! As usual, my detective skills is not enough to be at par with Conan who solves cases swiftly. It's like he is seeing the truth about anything in the world. So I just satisfied myself with the suspense that this case brings.

Anyway, the case these episodes is about the legend of the Hammer Man. It is said that the Hammer Man attacks ladies with long hair using a hammer (as the name suggests...)and could run a distance of 100 meters in 11 seconds. The Hammer Man is also 180 cm long according to the legends. The latest incident of the Hammer Man well, hammering a victim was last night in the Beika Park. A drunk man was able to see the crime and has followed the culprint on his way home. To date, the Hammer Man already has 4 hammering incidents.

Because of the drunk witness the previous night, Officer and Sato and Takagi are on a stakeout on the apartment where the Hammer Man lives. They pretend to be lovers as they are about to kiss for real when Conan, Sonoko and Ran arrived. (Too bad for Takagi!!! Aww..) Based from their investigations, the Hammer Man lives in the middle unit in the 3rd floor. They have asked the residents of the apartment and it seems that everyone has their alibi except for the one living on the middle unit. The residents say that the original owner of the unit is on the middle of backpacking and has offered his friend the unit in the meantime. The original owner had a girlfriend but currently, the girl is not coming to the apartment anymore. The neighbors can't remember the face of the person residing in the unit because he is always wearing hood and a cap to hide his identity.

Then, Officer Chiba came informing Takagi and Sato that there are three people who went to the suspicious unit every after 10 minutes. The first one was a pick up service guy who saw the note on the floor by the door saying that he is sick and couldn't get up. The note instructed the pick up guy to proceed to the table inside and take the box. The money is on top of it. The second person who came was a motorcycle delivery lady who read the same note by the door and took the backpack in the table. She said that they already talked on where to bring it so there's no actual need for them to meet up. The final one was the pizza delivery guy who also saw the note and placed the pizza on the table. Just like the previous, the money was also on the table. According to the three, the voice of the caller is hoarse, giving proof that he is indeed sick. But then Conan realized that since everybody is now giving attention to the three guys who entered the unit, there is no one watching the unit. So Sato-san ran in panic and found a man lying unconciously on the floor. He has a rope on the neck, suggesting suicide but Conan pointed out that it's a hoax. There is no rope marks on the neck and besides, the man is wearing a cap, something that could go in the way of someone who wants to commit suicide. Conan deduced that the culprit was one of the three people who went inside the apartment unit.

It was found out that it was only the pizza guy who left his receipt. The pick up service guy and the motorcycle delivery lady didn't leave any and this is where suspicion on who among the three did the crime continues. Then, Takagi found out that the restroom is super clean. Conan noticed that there is no toothbrush and the electric razor is not plugged. The razor must have been plugged to recharge its battery but its not. Then Chiba found blood stained gloves in the pile of clothes. But then again, Conan noticed that there are no underwear or socks in the pile of clothes, which makes it weird.

This where Conan realized everything. He then puts Sonoko into sleep with his tranquilizers and began the deduction. Conan said that there is no hammer man in reality. It is just an exaggerated legend to scare people just like any other legends. But it is indeed true that there is someone who attacks ladies with long hair. Conan said that if it is assumed that it was the hammer man who left the note by the door and threw the missing receipts, everything makes sense. He said that it is done to prevent them from checking the companies the delivery people are working for. He schemed this to happen so that the hammer man can exchange places. Meaning, the man knocked out in the room was one of the three delivery people. What really happened was the hammer man strucked the delivery person as he enters and changed into his clothes as a disguise.

So who is the real hammer man????

It's the motorcyle lady! There are 2 clues. One is the missing toothbrush, socks and underwear in the comfort room and on the pile of clothes. That is because the hammer man needs to hide his identity and gender. The missing things would help them find out that the hammer man is indeed a hammer woman. The next clue is the pair of shoes with leather pads that Conan found on the shoe cabinet. It was the only shoes with leather pad in the cabinet. The shoes with leather pad is used to protect your toes that hit the shift pedal of the motorcycle. Obviously, the leather shoes belonged to the original motorcycle delivery person.

Since it was only the pizza delivery guy who had his receipt left, the police was able to contact his employer. The employer said that he is not back yet. So where is he? He was knocked out by the Hammer Lady in one of the comfort rooms in Beika Park. She intends to change clothes in there without any suspicion. But luckily, the police are already informed and so the culprit was already caught.

And the motive?? The Hammer Lady was revenging because her ex-boyfriend dumped her and dated a girl with a longer hair.

What are lame reason. But as they say, love is blind!

Next episode is one of my favorite chapters in manga. Can't wait to get it subbed!

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