Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cross Game - Episode 6

Episode 6: Who are you?

I think that this episode finally focused on the real plot of the story. Five episodes have passed and it's only in this episode that I got the feeling that I am watching an anime about baseball. The previous episodes gave me an impression that Cross Game will be focusing more on a spice of life kind of theme. But I guess I was wrong.
So Kou and the others have already entered high school and decided to join the baseball club. But the baseball club of their school has a little politics going on so the members and the coach are all specially selected by the counselor and now the assistant principal due to the principal's absence to reach his main goal of becoming the principal of the school. Kou's baseball club was the unofficial club and is not authorized to compete outside and fight for their school. All members of the main baseball club are tagged as special in classes so they are allowed to be late and can sleep during their classes.
The fact that Kou is still secret weapon of the team remains to be hidden. It seems that the main baseball club is getting so cocky and feels to be so confident with their talents. I can't wait to see their shattered faces when Kou and his teammates beat the hell out of them!
Next episode would show more baseball moments of Aoba as she plays baseball to the fullest.

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