Sunday, November 21, 2010

Code Geass Poll: Is this Lelouch?

I am getting back on my anime/manga life (yes, finally!) and I started catching up with Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya. I am really glad I started with this because finally, a full shot of what seems to be Lelouch is being shown. This is from Chapter 5, and it has been made clear that C.C also knew this person.

However, his name is not yet revealed and as I patiently wait for the scans, I think I'm gonna ask for public opinion.
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Do you think that this is Lelouch Lamperouge?

Cast your votes here.

I will be waiting :)


  1. i don't think that
    it maybe fans made
    thenks ^^

  2. Well, he looks exactly the same as Lelouch, but...
    Wasn't Shikkoku no Renya set before the anime?
    well... I think I have read it was set in edo era... well... if it is Lelouch, please tell me, because I will inmediately read that manga.