Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Sapphire Pyro: Anyone else familiar with the Grimm Tales From Down Below series by bleedman? I really loved it, especially adult!Mandy and this darling:

Daaaaw xD Alright, I'll turn you over to xtine~

xtine06: After of almost back from hiatus, I can say that we are officially back on business!! So sorry for the sudden break, but RL is so damn busy to manage. Work loads from left to right is really making our hands full.

But, as a comeback post and to celebrate Halloween as well, we've come up with a list of recommended anime series for you to watch this holiday!



1. The list will contain a total of 30 titles grouped into 6 categories. There are different types of horror in anime, and the types that we'll be specifying are on our categories. Category placement is based on the strongest feature of the show (for example: if the story about demons was more focused on the psychological aspect; it goes to category 5 instead of category 3)
2. All titles are anime series consisting of more than 10 episodes, and we have seen at least an episode of each.
3. They are all horror series (or have horror elements). Not all of them are really scary, but we tried to include those that we find very scary yet good at the same time.
4. This list is based on our opinions..... and even our opinions differ. If both of us had commented on a certain title, then that would mean we both recommend it.
5. Lists in each category are not ranked, but are in alphabetical order. If you wish for top recommendations, just ask.

~ ghosts or spirits/youkai that are up to no good ~

xtine06: I told myself not to watch this every night if I don't want to get scared. But the excitement forces me to watch it every night so I always sleep with paranoia and fear while watching Ghost Hunt. Too bad, there's no news of Season 2 yet since there are so many questions left unanswered.

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

xtine06: Definitely, one of the series that I am watching for this season. Though I am not blogging about this, this is really fits the theme since he can see ghosts with his special eye. (Oops, spoiler!). I am still yet to get to know this series more since the season has just started but definitely, this is a good watch.
Sapphire Pyro: It's not often for one to get to see a good series involving a supernatural detective ;D

xtine06: I admit that I really got scared when watching xxxHOLiC. It's is really my epitome of horror and supernatural and suspense stories!!! Everytime I watch series of the same genre, I go back to HOLiC and compare the spooky feeling that I get. Haha.
Sapphire Pyro: I don't find it scary but it spooky elements had been good~ It's fun yet intriguing at the same time~

~ immortals like bloodsucking monsters and walking zombies are sensational nowadays ~

Sapphire Pyro: I prefer vampires that kill around rather than flirt around ;D Haha! This is freakin' bias and the main character is an interesting twist... see for yourself~

Sapphire Pyro: A beautiful mix of historical + futuristic. Lots of bloody awesome action scenes and the story keeps on getting more and more intriguing *_*

Sapphire Pyro: It's not just a historical show with an interesting story. It's also full of action and adventure with delicious horror elements~ And yay to sibling love~

Sapphire Pyro: Whether you'll appreciate the characters or not, the story's so amazing and all its horror elements are so... thrillingly eerie. No way you could call it your typical vampire show... it knows how to tell a horror story!

xtine06: I know it's not a horror one and I am fangirling over Kaname, but they are all vampires so they perfectly fit in this category. So if your looking for good looking vampires, then this series is perfect. But, Kaname is taken by me ^^;

Sapphire Pyro: It's more of a shounen series but its horror elements are pretty twisted and gruesome enough which makes it freaky xD Awesome~

~ Supernatural monsters that are 24/7 ready in causing chaos ~

xtine06: Another one of my non-horror series. This one is really a love story but it involves love with a super natural being, Ceres. So for the sake of the theme, I'm gonna place them here :)

Sapphire Pyro: It's gore... but not much on human gore... but on monster gore. It's so gruesome that I don't think it could be considered as just your average fantasy action series. The story's really interesting~ And hott women are hott ;D

xtine06: I still can't get over this. The battle of spider and cats starts now! WAAH. I miss SEBBY!!! :((
Sapphire Pyro: Some might only be after the fanservice on this, but it's really true to its genre. This series is so frighteningly twisted and freaky~ It makes you go WTF a lot of times yet it can deliver a good story despite the fanservice its highlighting~

Sapphire Pyro: I've heard that its predecessor has been more remarkable but since I have seen it, this one is good enough for me. Classic horror has a different style in giving you the creeps.... yet very effective! I also love the artwork in this; so creative~

xtine06: You wanna see lots of supernatural beings? Then this is perfect! From one-eyed monsters to bird man to weird creatures, this series showcases all of the possible youkai groups. Another good watch, especially FukuJun is here!! ♥
Sapphire Pyro: It's not really scary; just a shounen series with horror elements. But, its characters use "FEAR" as power. I like its concept of having "horror" as a necessity to such creatures. Speaking of which, its horror elements are cool and one of the ongoing mainstream shounen series that don't seem like crap to me.

~ lots of blood, gore, and decay; innocents and angelics beware ~

Sapphire Pyro: To be honest, this is a special item in this list because I've never really watched it in full. Haha! I'm only adding it to the list because it SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!! O_O;;;; Gave me nightmares for days.... So it's good ;D The scarier, the better. Teehee~

Sapphire Pyro: Don't think of it too lightly because the girls look moe. The story's actually deeper and mindboggling; and the despite the cute there's a lot of frightening gore. Awesome~

Sapphire Pyro: The most disturbongly gruesome historical samurai series I've seen so far! All characters are freaky in their own way too! Excellent!

xtine06: A really must see!!! My mind went crazy watching this, I felt afraid, grossed out and a whole lot of other emotions. Be prepared to see disturbing scenes and instant and gruesome death of the different characters. The plot itself is somewhat gruesome, so one must prepare before watching this.
Sapphire Pyro: It's an interesting fight between logic and the supernatural~ The disturbing scenes, and the mysterious and eerir atmosphere make it so thrilling~

~ some very frightening things can only be seen inside your head ~

Sapphire Pyro: It deals with psychology, traumas, and unexplained phenomana. Don't let the "boring" look fool you, it's actually so eerie that it gives you the creeps~ Love it~

xtine06: Subs are a bit slow with this. But I do admit that the concept of MRI to get one's secrets for the sake of justice and investigation is really a debate for some. Some won't agree to this, but some will do. But no matter what position you are in, I think you will definitely agree that the story of this is good and the plot twists are really exciting!
Sapphire Pyro: Very innovative story concept from Shimizu Reiko-sensei~ It has a great and interesting story; its characters got the development they deserve~ What makes this frightening is that you'll see the gruesome ways on how a serial killer does.... his thing. It always challenges one's insanity and morality.... marvelous~

Sapphire Pyro: Psycho killers are really frightening.... what's even more frightening is that it could be anyone.... and he/she could be wearing any mask..... and whether you're not such right now.... you are still capable of becoming one! There's a dark side in all of us... oh this series intrigues me xD

Sapphire Pyro: Watching this felt like the end of the world is near o_o;;; I mean, it's like every one around them has a frightening dark side.... everything may seem normal but dangerous people are actually just around the corner, just wearing their masks. This series shows what kind of darkness humans can keep.... and how capable they are in doing different types of evil acts. I don't understand people who are annoyed with the boy who screams when he sees such horrors.... because they're really so horrifying that he has all the right to freak out for visualizing such often ^^;

Sapphire Pyro: This show is mindf*ck.... brilliantly mindf*ck. It intentionally tries to confuse you or make you go WTF.... yet it remains to be interesting and intriguing. It's bizarre... quite ridiculous.... yet incredible! I applaud to its creativity the most~

~ Those that contain a balanced mixed of the other categories.... or we simply cannot classify them! ~

Sapphire Pyro: No, it's not harem. But yeah, it has some fanservice but that's not all that it has to offer. I love the creativity and the twistedness! Its story arcs are actually impressive and it certainly knows when to be creepy and funny. I love it~

Sapphire Pyro: It's the horror series with the best soundtrack from what I know~ Everything is just excellent.... it really knows how to creep its audience yet deliver an interesting story. I love it~

Sapphire Pyro: Dark metal, in my opinion, is like the horror genre's equivalent in the music world. It's full of dark and profane stuff.... but it doesn't exactly have any murders or tortures. It may be talking about immoral things... but it has a story that is teaching you otherwise. So in other words, it may seem so dark on the surface but it's actually containing contrasting elements. It may be so WTF... but it's freakin' hilarious! Epic~

Sapphire Pyro: I really really don't like the ecchi..... but I really really like the gore here *_* So brutal and merciless.... story idea's also very interesting~

Sapphire Pyro: It's presented so uniquely and it's a dark mix of horror and comedy. I find it so interesting~

Sapphire Pyro: For a series that seems to be more focused on the mystery parts, it has such good horror elements that makes in thrillingly eerie~ It has a great story too~

xtine06: I guess the name says it all. This series is 100% full of occult facts and info and its story revolves on youkai itself. It's not really scare but is interesting to watch especially if you are really into occult stuff.
Sapphire Pyro: Occult has a lot of horror elements... and this focuses on such a topic. However, despite that, it's not exactly scary.... but more of spooky.... spooky fun. Despite the PG rating it actually featured torture devices and murdering ghosts, ya know~

What's your list? =D


  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I've already watch some of them. But, why there's no manga list?

  2. adding something to your list..
    have you guys heard of Soul Eater?

  3. @ Kencana
    You're welcome~
    Ah, no manga list because.... there's too many to mention ;P And I don't think I've read many of the good ones yet, hehe.

    @ Hyper
    Ah! Soul Eater! I forgot that it had a horror theme.... or maybe it's because I don't find it that spooky... ahahaha!

  4. D8!! I'm obsessed with Mouryou no Hako. I even watched the live action adaption of the novel (which reminds me, gotta buy the novel). Sadly, no yuri elements in there ;_;

    And yes, Shigurui's awesome!! (And I'm biased cause it's produced by Madhouse)

    Frankly, I'm really disappointed with Himitsu's manga adaption. It lacks... gore!