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Detective Conan - Chapter 736

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Chapter 736: The Inubushi Family

Part 3 of 6! Halfway through!!!!

Chapter highlights:
  • Heiji and Mouri meet an old man while on the way to the Inubushi Household. 
  • The old man suggests that they should give up whatever business that they have if they don't like to be burnt badly.
  • Inubushi household is located halfway up the mountain, with a roof that looks like a castle.
  • While on the way to the house, Heiji confirms that Shinichi, the adopted son of the Inubushi family most likely bit off his necktie's pin in this final moments, thinking that he'd leave a clue behind about the culprit.
  • Conan then says that Shinichi's saliva was on the necktie pin, so it is highly probable that its a dying message. 
  • However, his saliva was on it but there was no trace of it being bitten, so the pearl as a dying message is not yet sure. 
  • That's why the pearl may have been originally attached in such a way that it was easy to remove or it could be that the culprit had some sort of message in mind and forced the victim to hold the pearl in his mouth on purpose. 
  • Mouri then comments that the case of Shinichi is a work of someone with quite a grudge against the Inubushi family since Shinichi already gave up his portion on the inheritance and returned to Tokyo.
  • So out of the 8 Inubushi children, those who died have something to do with fire. 
  • Then suddenly, a lady in motorcycle warned Mouri and everyone else to go back since they are driving towards the cliff up ahead. 
  • Well, the person they meet is a member of the Inubushi family, Inubushi Miyuki. 
  • When they arrived on the household, they are greeted by an Akita Inu as they also met another Inubushi children, Inubushi Takako.
  • They also learned that Inubushi Satoshi, the legal wife has been bedridden and barely speaks because she suffered from a stroke. 
  • They also met Inubushi Tomoaki, a doctor and Inubushi Yoshiya, another adopted son of the family. 
  • There is also another child of Inubushi, Saki Inubushi who is out to go to the cleaners to pick up the clothes.
  • And then, the origin of the demon dog story was shared to them. 
  • One of the ancestors of the family killed a dog by setting it on fire. They had everyone in the village get together and search for the only daughter of the Inubushi Family, who had gone suddenly missing. Then, the dog the Inubushi family was raising showed up unexpected grasping the daughter on its jaws, near death and injured. 
  • The enraged master whipped the dog endlessless and set his body on fire. But later, when the daughter recovered, she told her father that the dog had come to her rescue when she got lost and collapsed. 
  • The master regretted what he did and erected a proper grave for the dog.
  • A fire broke up a few days later, and the only one to not make it out in time and die was the Master and since then, the cursed story gets passed on from generation to generation. 
  • The grave really exists, below on the cliff.
  • They went to see the grave and saw the dog's name to be Fusatarou. 
  • Conan asks Miyuki if this the spot where the person fell from the cliff then suddenly, they saw Saki-san falling from the cliff.She is saying something about the burning dog.
  • Conan and Heiji heads to the top of the cliff. At the top, they saw flames forming a straight line but there's no smell of oil. 

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