Sunday, August 29, 2010

Season Preview: Fall 2010

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(I dunno why but I suddenly missed Lelouch)
Time really flies so fast. Here I am doing the fall preview and I haven't even felt the summer season.
As usual, mine and Sapphy's comments are here.
Of course, comments are all LOVE. 

A Certain Magical Index 2

Sapphire Pyro: I haven't finished the first season unfortunately.... Totally not sure when I could.... *sigh*

xtine06: I didn't finish watching this one because I got confused with the story line.

Battle Spirits: Brave

Sapphire Pyro: Please stop creating Yugi-Oh wannabes. Please. And seriously, there are still kids who don't get tired of this? *sigh*

xtine06: Another Yu-gi-oh wanna be, but my brother says that this is good so I am watching this with him.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Sapphire Pyro: THIS IS EPIC CRACK AWESOME and I am so happy that there'll be more weird entertainment from this series ^^ I need to marathon the first season though.... now where did I stop.... but I don't mind rewatching them to kill meself from laughing again, LOLz

xtine06: I didn't watch the first season and I didn't like it so I am skipping this one.


Sapphire Pyro: I'm no longer that updated to this but oh I looooooooooooooove Bakuman! Yeah, yeah, it's by Death Note's creators, but those two are such geniuses that they managed to create a series that is as awesome even if it's nothing similar to its predecessor. w00t! Let the anime audience be open to the manga world xD

xtine06: Another one of my series that I am looking forward in the new season. Weeeee~

Fortune Arterial

Sapphire Pyro: Vampire + School..... NOOOOO!!! STOP IT!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! Though I've got to admit that the bishies (preferring to the leading guy's new friend and the leading girl's brother; the leading guy's boring while the rest I don't know) are fun, but the other characters are.... uuuugggh. So..... no.

xtine06: Another vampire series......but then again, the bishes are calling for me. WAAH. What to do?!?!

Hakouki 2:

Sapphire Pyro: This would have been nice to continue IF ONLY THEY'D STOP PROTECTING THAT ANNOYING LEADING LADY ALREADY!!!! AAAUUUGGHHH!!!!

xtine06: I know that I am not blogging about this, but I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!!!!

Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls

Sapphire Pyro: This looks like Queen's Blade samurai version (and with a leading guy) to me. Maybe it won't be as fanservicey as Queen's Blade but.... that "naked" scenes in the trailer brings me to despair.

xtine06: I AM LOVING THE PLOT. It has been one of my "what-if" questions and I am so glad that an anime will be handling this.


Sapphire Pyro: I am not a hardcore western superheroes fan but I really do love them~ The trailer looks awesome and it seems to ahve more story compare to the movie (I dunno about the actual graphic novels since I haven't really read them). Go Madhouse! ^^

xtine06: WOW. A Japanese version of Ironman, my oh so loved Marvel character of all time. If subs will be out, I am checking this one.

Invasion! Squidgirl

Sapphire Pyro: I like the "nature fighting against human pollution" thing but..... with those type of characters in the preview.... it looks stupid and filled with moe!fanservice. But hhhmmm... I don't know much about this so it might not be as bad as it seemed.

xtine06: I like the idea that is something about the environment and pollution thing. But I might get bored watching this one, so I will not bother watching this one.

Karl and the Mysterious Tower

Sapphire Pyro: Errr... the "mysterious" tower is just something to signal people for lunch? And they're making a fuss about it? Whut.... zzzzzzzzzzzz

xtine06: Eeepp. A kids show. No, no.


Sapphire Pyro: A josei series with a beautiful trap.... and it's by Brains Base..... shet, can't resist.

xtine06: I am so curious in the plot, because I wanna know what does those "she" in the summary mean.

Letter Bee Season 2

Sapphire Pyro: I expect this to be as good as the first season~ Unfortunately I haven't marathoned it yet (not even caught up with the manga).... I'M SORRY GAUCHE!!! BUT I DO MISS YOU AND STILL LOVE YOU!!!! ^^

xtine06: Oh no, I should catch up on this. I wanna watch this new season. I will find time to catch up. :)

Motte to Love Ru


xtine06: I didn't watch the previous seasons, so it's a no-no for me.


Sapphire Pyro: Errr.... I'm no psychology expert but seriously, the leading guy is more like a "fanservice!masochist" than a genuine masochist. The leading girl isn't even sadistic enough for me.... she's more of just someone who's too full of herself. This feels too stupid....

xtine06: I really cannot believe that there is an anime about masochism. Guuhhhh ;_;

My Little Sister Can't be This Cute

Sapphire Pyro: I am so sick of the "My biggest secret is that I'm an otaku" crap. And this screams incest and moe.... I'm not interested on such things. =_= Though I have to admit that the anime seems decent compare to the manga.

xtine06: I have been seeing this for a while now especially every time I check Manga Fox. I am not really interested with this. I can feel moe and the title bothers me, so I am not watching this one.

Otome Yokai Zakuro

Sapphire Pyro: The leading girl annoyed me with her "I hate men but I can't help fangurling when I saw the bishie" attitude... even if she's returning to being tsun tsun later because the bishie she liked turned out to be a jerk. But putting her aside, the rest seems cute/sweet and the leading guy is love xD Hopefully this would be better than I thought. Youkai and military dudes cooperating~

xtine06: I am still a bit tired with fox related plot, but the bishies are attracting me. HAHAHA. I will be checking this one out, and I will try my best to not mind the fox there :P

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Panty and Stockings

Sapphire Pyro: Angels and Ghosts? And such.... unique.... names. Haha! And BY GAINAX??? Ooooo..... interesting~

xtine06: Whatta title and interesting plot. But I might pass this one.

Pokemon: Best Wishes

Sapphire Pyro: It's a nice try that they tried to create a new pokemon series without Ash and Pikachu on it..... but I'm totally over with Pokemon ^^;

xtine06: Woah, I dunno there still Pokemon around, wow.

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Sapphire Pyro: HELL YEAH!!!! I'm a sucker for mysteries and the supernatural; and this series has been a fantastic combination of those two *_*

xtine06: OMGEEE. I love the plot. I am so looking forward to this one. I love the image as well.

Rita et Machin

Sapphire Pyro: I like the "French-ness" but.... I think watching this will certainly make me sleepy... even as a kid x_x

xtine06: A kids' anime, so I am passing this one.

Robin and his 100 Friends

Sapphire Pyro: I think this is for toddlers o_O

xtine06: Let's just leave the kids to be watching this one.

Sora no Otoshimono: Forte

Sapphire Pyro: The only thing that mattered to me here is still my OTP, the rest crap. And no, that's not my kind of fanservice. Ugh.

xtine06: The image looks cute... will check this one out before judging it.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Sapphire Pyro: If Kaichou wa Maid-sama is a Maid Cafe series in shoujo perspective, this one is in seinen perspective. And.... I didn't enjoy it very much. I like childhood crush stuff but I'm getting bored with the one-sided love from a dude who doesn't even know the reason why he's so in love with his ditzy childhood friend. Guh. Megane girl was fun though, but I didn't enjoy it much.

xtine06: If only the leading girl looks like Misa-chan. But aside from that, the plot is about detectives and I am always hooked to that type of stories. I am checking this one out and see if I can handle this series.

Star Driver

Sapphire Pyro: Seems like a typical shounen fantasy-adventure-series-with-a-lil-harem series but.... it's by Bones O_O Maybe it isn't as bad as it seemed form the promo image and plot. Hhhmmm....

xtine06: Seems to be technological and a shounen series. It seems okay for me, and if ever I will watch it next season, this is not my priority list.

Super Robot Ward

Sapphire Pyro: I watch mecha but this one is just.... *yawn*

xtine06: I am only for Gundam. So sorry.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Sapphire Pyro: Haha! I love Sherlock Holmes, but a kiddie show with Holmes wannabes.... nah ^^; It looks cute though~

xtine06: WAAH. If only this not for kids.....:|

The World Only God Knows

Sapphire Pyro: YES, IT'S HAREM! BUT IT'S NOT YOUR USUAL TYPE OF HAREM! AND THAT'S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT!!! Oh damn I need to catch up on this xD

xtine06: I think this is heavily influenced by Kuroshitsuji. Demon, hell, contracts and that is exactly why I am checking this one as well.

Togainu no Chi

Sapphire Pyro: *_* Bishies.... BLOOD.... 'nuff entertainment for me, LOLz. Anywayz, I loved the manga and the music in the trailer is already oh so epic!!! I look forward to this very much! Hopefully there'll be more of the bloody scenes instead of the you-know-what x_x I was so shocked when I've learned that there are such scenes in the game...waaaah!!!

xtine06: Interesting plot. So interesting. I will be checking this one out. (Initially, I thought it was Zero on the picture. HAHA.

Yosuga no Sora

Sapphire Pyro: Twins.... it's supposed to be my thing~ But I'm not exactly into twincest and reading this made me really really really bored.... Yes, the twins have been sweet and touching.... but the strong hint of them having a romantic relationship soon really bothers me x_x

xtine06: Hopefully, this will not turn into incest...because I am interested to pursue to watch this.


Sapphire Pyro: My certain favorites from this season are Arakawa Under the Bridge 2, Letter Bee 2, Psychich Detective Yakumo, Togainu no Chi, The World God Only Knows, and Bakuman. The ones I have no manga background but find very promising would be Kuragehime, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Ironman. I'm giving Star Driver, Otome Yokai Zakuro, Kyokai Ryoran Samurai Girl, and Invasion Squid Girl a chance. While the res, I either can't watch or don't want to bother to watch anymore.
But hhhmmm.... comparing this to Summer and Spring seasons this year.... it hasn't been filled with as much promising series as those two o_O Hopefully the next season would be better.

xtine06: I guess this is the time of the year, eh where the anime season is not as promising as it was this season. Though there are good and watchable in the upcoming titles, the hype and the excitement is not as high as my excitement when the summer season entered. But in anyway, let's all look forward to the upcoming anime season. 


  1. The World God Only Knows!!!!!!!!!!!!! > w <
    I can't wait for this one to come out.

  2. looking forward for your hyper review >:D

  3. I really do think I'm the only non-moefag looking forward to Fortune Arterial.
    You guys scare do you see this!? D8 Bekkankou is horrible at drawing men and the character designs are made close to his art...

    The PVs and promotional images and whatnot initially showed no sign of Satoshi and Pikachu, but if you visit the new BW site, Satoshi is in it. (We all knew about it a while ago from a leaked character sheet though.)
    I never tag anything on tumblr, but for you guys, you may browse through the gallery of Satoshi's new set of KIRAKIRA MOE brown eyes. I recommend a scroll all the way to the bottom.
    >Woah, I dunno there still Pokemon around, wow.
    As long as there are still games (the franchise is still strong; there are already 1 million preorders for the new games, making it the fastest selling DS game(s) ever), there will be a 30-minute animated promotion broadcasted weekly. The official site says that it will be faster paced too. c: I think I might watch this on Keyhole weekly.

    Also, Miyano Mamoru voices Dent. Thought you guys might like to know. = u=)b

  4. @Hyper
    It looks to be a really promising series!

    I am looking forward to posting that as well ♥

    Wow. You've got a good set of Pokemon gallery there. thanks for the link :) I haven't been into pokemon fandom for a while now, especially when my brother stopped watching it.

    And thanks for the information that Mamoru Miyano's voicing him, and he is an added value to the anime ;)

  5. lol if you watch Fortune Arterial for its vampire bishies you'll be disappointed, not only does it lack angst for most (it's rather laid back actually), it's also based on an eroge xD

    Saying Ore no Imouto (my little sister can't be this cute) is moe and incest is an extreme case of judging a book by its cover imo. I could be wrong about where the anime goes, but the light novel speaks otherwise for me.

  6. @ Hyper
    You like this too? YAY xD

    @ 96monochrome
    I'll be doing the "first impressions on first episodes" on most of this series for this season ;D Even if I'm not picking them. But hopefully you'll also like what xtine06 will be picking ;D

    @ Kiseki
    You mean bishies at Fortune Arterial? Hmm... I only saw two of them on the first chapter of the manga. I find them pretty cute... they look different in the anime? o_O
    I'm surprised about Satoshi not being the main character. But I'm not surprised on that news thathe'll be around. Or maybe introducing main characters was a joke o_O
    tumblr is blocked on the place I'm in right now... hopefully I remember ^^

    @ Aorii
    About Fortune Arterial, I've heard that the vampire is the leading girl. Reminds me of Rosario to Vampire. Which I don't like. Ugh.

    I've read the Sore no Imouto manga and no matter how I look at it, those positions imply something. Blushing after your sister does something "cute".... I DON'T KNOW!!! But maybe the light novel's different...?

  7. I am really looking forward to Togainu no Chi!!
    I played the game and it was amazingggg *w*
    It got pretty darn guro at times lol. xDD

  8. @Sapphire
    Yah yah. Go check the site. Shows a bit of animation (not as nice as I thought it would be) and yah character designs.
    Satoshi and Pikachu are still the main characters. They never stated that Iris and Dent are the leads, then again...I always knew that they weren't from the leaked sheet.

  9. @Sapphire
    Heck ya! XD The PV for this one are already out. :O

  10. Finish Index, I'm telling ya it's awesome

    *ignores that I haven't finished it yet*