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Kuroshitsuji 2 - Episode 5

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Episode 5: Beacon Butler

All thanks to the fast but quality subs of Commie, I am able to see a subbed version of Kuroshitsuji, thus eliminating the need for me to post a preview post.
WHY DOES FRIDAY HAVE TO BE THIS FAR FROM TODAY? It's still Wednesday in my time and I have two more days to see the most exciting and most awaited showdown between Sebastian and Claude.

But similar to episodes 1-4, episode 5 also has a fair share of its revelation that contributes greatly to the story line.

1. The beginning of this episode shows Sebastian telling everyone that Ciel knows about Ciel's memory loss. He has asked for the cooperation of everybody to keep an act and not let Ciel know that something is not right with this memory. Sebby went to Soma, Agni, Finny, Meirin, Bard and even Tanaka-san, whose diary was also returned. Though the most puzzling question remains WHY DOES CIEL SUFFER FROM MEMORY LOSS?

But this revelation confirms to me that Sebastian hasn't consume Ciel's soul and thus, the contract is still on. So that also follow that Ciel's revenge is not yet complete.

2. While Soma is inside the carriage, talking to Agni regarding what happened to Ciel, he happen to mention this line:
Even if we're cast into the depths of despair, even if there's a spider's thread leading up out, we'll grab it and not give up.  
I wonder if this line drops a hint regarding the plot of the episode. Just a thought :)

3. Ciel also noticed the similarity and the impact of what happened in the last 3 years for the Trancy and Phantomhive. We all know that Ciel lost his family three years ago and as for the Trancy, the previous Earl died three years ago and Alois just arrived before the previous Earl had died with a mysterious butler by his side. Alois was kidnapped and went missing for a long time. Sounds familiar? Well, Ciel and Sebastian think so too~
Sebastian: It's a story I heard somewhere.
Ciel: It's a familiar story.
4. Upon arrival to the Trancy mansion happens the first Claude and Sebby encounter. Sebby is about to knock but the door was immediately by Claude. Really, those two. Even a simple knocking on the door is something to compete about. But that makes them both lovable. HAHA.

5. Then comes Claude and Sebby encounter number 2: As they are about to enter the mansion, Sebby stops to see a spider by the door:
Claude: Ah. The spider is on the Trancy family crest, so we do not practice the killing of spiders. 
Sebastian: I see. If you forcefully brushed them away, they'd be entangled with the brush and stick to it. 
Well Sebastian line kinda gives a hint of what is about happen: Trancy opening it's house to Ciel as a strategy to draw him in. Sebastian already know as much.

6. Ciel gets really dizzy when inside the mansion. The first time he entered, he clang into Sebastian and immediately brushed off this act after being asked what's wrong. Oh Ciel, you really do not want to show any signs of weakness especially when in front of Sebastian.

7. Ciel once again looked for Madam Red and that somehow bothered Lizzy and made Lau open his eyes.

8. Soma totally broke down when he saw Ciel after a long time. He hugged him and as expected, Ciel has no idea who he is. Good thing, Agni was there to control Soma's tantrums and at the same time, also implicitly tell Ciel about Soma and Ciel's true relationship.
Agni: You must not, my Prince!
Soma: No! Ciel! Ciel!
Ciel: Who is this man?
Sebby and Agni: *the looks*
Agni: Forgive the late introduction. This man is the 26th child of the Nawab of the Bengal province, Prince Soma Asman Kadar. 
Ciel: Why is this prince looking at me and crying?
Soma: Ciel! Even though...even though we met at last! 
Agni: He is deeply moved upon meeting the founder of the Phantom company. Phantom Company's toys are very rare in our country -
Soma: The memories we have together won't ever disappear!
Agni: Those toys are objects of precious memories between the Prince and his friend. 
Soma: No matter what happens, the friendship you and I share will -
Agni: That person was a very important friend to the Prince! That person...that person...This is heartrending! My prince! *hugs Soma*
Soma: Agni! Agni! 

9. Ciel gives his marching orders to Sebastian to investigate the house thoroughly. 

10. I am having the impression that Alois has an intricate taste for clothings. He threw everything that Hannah prepared for him and even went to as far as throwing a crown that caused Hannah's eye to bleed. 

11. As Claude enters the room, Alois said that he also wants Claude to wear a costume too. He gets pink dress and performs a Spanish dance. But Claude gave him an evil look then suddenly, Alois stopped and became serious. This is when she asked Hannah to strip and give her dress to him. 

It really bothers me why it was that way. Claude just gives him the stare and then suddenly, Alois know to stop. But for Ciel and Sebastian, their relationship is a bit different. Sebastian is more like, looking forward to how Ciel will react or take an action. 

Another thing, why is Hannah allowing such treatment by Alois? I bet there's a very strong reason because no person with a straight mind will allow such actions. I getting more and more interested to know more about Hannah. With no ifs and buts, Hannah stripped in front of two guys and I am feeling embarrassed for her. 

12. The party is already starting while Sebby is busy investigating. Thus, Claude and Sebby encounter number 3: 
Sebastian: This is a wonderful room. Bed making, cleaning, even the interior of the desk is perfect. I feel your diligent effort and the attention paid towards the occupants. It has been a splendid learning experience. 
Claude. That is satisfying. Your ability to imitate a sneaking thief in your passion to carry out your task also impresses me. 
Sebastian: You flatter me.
Sebastian: *walks towards the door*
Sebastian: I won't hand over my young master to you. I am merely my young master's one 'hell' of a butler. 
Claude: The orders of my master are absolute. One 'hell' of a butler...I am one as well. 

Sebastian, learning from Claude? Well, that was humble of him. Claude also praised him for being sneaky and Sebastian said his thanks. Those two are really something. Since they can't fight through actions, they fight through words. If only words could kill. HAHAHA.

13. I thought the triplets are comical but what do you know, they are REALLY GREAT :)

14. Alois' strategy in getting close to Ciel is to pretend that he is a female servant. She purposely stained Ciel's clothes so that he can get him all alone. Alois even wore a wig and Ciel blushed upon a sight of him. HAHAHA. Alois is THAT cute in Hannah's costume.

15. Inside the room, Alois wiped the stain but didn't removed it. Alois has a habit of licking things. In this scene is the first time that he licked on something/someone! 
Alois: A beautiful blue...When we die, do our souls become this color?
Ciel: What?
Alois: *Looking at Ciel's eyes* 
Alois: It's the same color. *Holds Ciel's cheeks*
Alois: It's the same color as your ring. 
Ciel: What are you saying? 
Alois: If I become one with you, would I become the same blue? 
Alois: *licks Ciel's ear and removes his eye patch*
Alois: That eye is impure. 

16. Ciel chases Alois who ran and again gets dizzy. He gets into the wine cellar shown episode 1 and sees Sebastian in episode 1. He also hears the conversation that happened in the first episode. Ciel continues to run around, while hearing the events that transpired in episode 1 until he gets outside the woods.

17. All along, Ciel knew that it is Alois in disguise and he intentionally made himself alone, thinking that Alois will make his move. Then, Claude enters as well as the triplets. 
Ciel: I thought if I were alone, you'd make a move. 
Alois: So you followed me on purpose? But...
*Claude and the triplets enters*
Ciel: I'll be upset if you belittle me. 
Sebastian: It's as the Young Master says. Even though I warned you a little while ago, Claude.

18. So Ciel asks the most important question of all, WHAT DOES ALOIS TRANCY NEED WITH CIEL PHANTOMHIVE? Alois' answer? "Kimi ga hoshi" or in English, "I want you" . That's what Alois wants. He wants Ciel. Why he needs him is still another mystery.

19. Alois even threatened Ciel that if he refused to give himself in, he will kill everyone in the party. Including the people he cares about. And Ciel, answered a very strong "Do as you like" which made Sebastian gave his proud smile to his bocchan. Ciel doesn't care because he has something to ask for Alois. 

20. Alois claims that Claude is better. HAHAHAHA (Sorry Alois, at this point, I am giving my full support to Sebastsian already~~~HAHAHA) and once again shows her tongue with the mark of his contract with Claude. 

21. Upon seeing this, Ciel reminds Sebastian about their contract, to which Sebastian replies that he has been his loyal servant until the very day that their contract expires.

Ciel: You understand, Sebastian. This is the contract between us: you will be my strength, you will protect me, and you won't kill me until I accomplish my goal. 
Sebastian: Of course...Since that day, I have been your loyal servant. If you will it, I can grant anything you desire until the day the contract ends and I take your soul. 
Ciel: Nice answer. 

22. This is a bit confusing part. Confusing in the sense that I don't know what language did Alois use. But anyway, he muttered these lines:
O hei wo tararuna rondo tareru. 
Claude! Obtain Ciel. 
And then Ciel gives his orders...
This is an order.
Sebastian, protect me, no matter what! Without fail! 
23. And with this, the butlers replied:
Claude: Yes, your Highness.
Sebastian: Yes, my Lord.
I just noticed this, but Claude doesn't smile as much as Sebastian right? I guess the demon butlers have their own personalities as well. I wonder if there's a personality criteria before a demon can be chosen as a butler.

Take your bet. Will it be his highness or the lord will win? As for me, I am on Team Sebby ♥


  1. well "im your servant isnt quite rght"- sebastian said he was ciels loyal slave, while claude uses an old word for servant. i think this is important and another hint claudes bond to alois is less stronger than sebastians to ciel (that coming from me, a guy with no yaoi interst.. amybe you get to think that way automatially if disposed to kuroshitsuji long enough)...
    btw team sebby. totally.

  2. They're teams now? @-@ I love both butlers.
    Team I love them both...?

  3. they were teams all along
    team phantomhive ftw

  4. @Anonymous1

    I just copied the translation of Commie. But yeah, I also think that Ciel and Sebastian has a deeper bond. You can see it from their actions that their relationship is more than a butler-master type. And when Claude gave a look at Alois in the part where Alois wants Claude to wear a dress, it kinda gives off an impression that they are not close yet.

    Yey for Sebby ♥

    I love them both too~~ But I have a stronger inclination for Sebby :)

    That could be another name, Team Phantomhive. Cool. ♥

  5. i'm on phantomhive team >:D

  6. yey....sebby always!!!