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Naruto - Chapter 498 - 499

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Chapter 498: Mom's Red Hair
Chapter 499:  A New Seal

After Minato, it's Kushina's turn in the limelight. Get to know Naruto's mother in these two chapters!
I think the turnout of events are a bit shocking. I didn't expect that Kushina will appear to help Naruto. And why is the Sage of the Six Paths mentioned? What will happen to the Kyuubi? I think I gained more questions rather than answers...
Btw, no Naruto next week. Mangaka's taking a break. 

Chapter 498 highlights:
  • In the midst of Naruto's battle with the Kyuubi, a mysterious reunion of Naruto with his mother happened.
  • At first, it's a given that Naruto does not know the the person infront of him is his mother. He thought that she is the Kyuubi's true form. Because of this, Naruto had his very first whacking experience with his mom.
  • Well, it is also revealed that Kushina has a habit of adding "ttebane" in every sentence because according to her, she is just naturally impatient and a fast talker.
  • Because of that clue, Naruto finally realizes that he is now infront of his mom and he rushes to hug her.
  • It was a tearful reunion and yeah, Kushina now knows that her son got took after her verbal mannerism.
  • In the outside world, Naruto's transformation stopped and this shocked Bee and Yamato.
  • Naruto gets too excited to talk with his mom and as much as they want to talk, they first have to take care of the Kyuubi.
  • Kushina uses some chains to tie up Kyuubi and it seems that Kyuubi knows Kushina.
  • She now proceeds to explain that Minato included her chakra in the sealing ceremony so when the tiime comes that Naruto would learn how to control the Kyuubi, she can help.
  • Naruto can't help but notice Kushina's hair. According to Kushina, Naruto was the second man to ever compliment her hair. Of course, Minato was the first one.
  • So, Naruto now asks a question he ALWAYS want to ask: how did they fall in love?
  • Kushina begins to tell the tale.
  • Kushina moved from another village when she was still a Genin to Konoha so she didn't know anyone. Their first meeting was during the very childhood days.
  • Her first impression of Minato was that he looked kind of like a sissy, not very reliable.
  • On the first day at the academy, they had to talk about their dreams. Wanting to impress, Kushina said that she will be the first ever female hokage. People thought of her as a brat for coming in from another village and yet she dreams of being Hokage. So the boys would tease her and call her a tomato.
  • She was chubby, so with her round face and raid her, she really looks like a tomato!
  • But Minato never protected Kushina from the bullies. Kushina always beat the boys who made fun of her and so she gained another name.."The Bloody Red Habanero"
  • Naruto asked what Minato said what his dream is and he said that he wants to be a great Hokage that everyone in the village will respect.
  • At first, Kushina made fun of his desire to become Hokage but at that time, Kushina has no idea how good he is, until a certain incident.
  • Before that incident happened, Kushina hated her red hair. But after, she came to love it, thanks to Minato.
  • Kushina has special chakra and some people from Kumogakure kidnapped her because of that. In order to leave a trail when they took her, she pulled out her own red hair and dropped it on the ground.
  • Konoha immediately put together a special task force to search for her but no one found her. She was taken all the way to the border and she almost gave up. But Minato was the only one to find and rescue her.
  • He was the only one who took notice of the hair strands and said that he'd notice right aways since it was so pretty.
  • Kushina believes that her red hair became the thread of destiny and brought her towards Minato.
  • The chapter ended when Kushina told Naruto that she loves him and Naruto's new dream is to become Konoha's Orange Hokage.
Chapter 499 highlights:
  • After hearing his mother's assurance of love, Naruto gets energized and felt so at peace. He was able to drive out all the hate from Kyuubi and goes on attack.
  • And since Kushina's chakra cannot hold down the Kyuubi, it's now Naruto's turn to take him out.
  • Naruto summons his bunshins and attacks with Rasen, Choutaren-gan (Rasengan Barrage).
  • Rasengan Barrage is easily defeated by Kyuubi but Kushina still has her final chain left and that is enough to create an opening for Naruto.
  • Naruto now uses his Sage Mode and attacks Kyuubi with his Senpou - Chou Oodama (Sage Art - Non Stop Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage)
  • With Kyuubi weakening, Naruto clones now start pulling Kyuubi's chakra towards him. He still keeps on attacking which makes Kyuubi wonders how powerful Naruto is.
  • Naruto was able to get Kyuubi's chakra and he tranformed himself into a new form with a seal on his body.
  • Kyuubi warns Naruto to not make him angry. He forms a giant energy ball but Naruto locks Kyuubi with a powerful seal from the Sage of the Six Paths.
  • Before the seal closes, Kyuubi tells Naruto that he will remember this.
  • Naruto then says that he won't hurt Kyuubi and he should just wait.
  • Kushina is a very proud mother and now, she can follow after Minato.
  • This saddens Naruto but before Kushina finally goes, she wants Naruto to know the incident 16 years ago, the year he was born.
  • It all began with Kushina, being the previous Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki.


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