Sunday, May 30, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Reunion with the Kyubi

FINALLY, one of my most awaited development. For the longest time that I am following Naruto in anime and in manga, I feel really excited to see that Naruto will now face the Kyubi head on!

Chapter highlights:
  • Killer Bee brings Naruto in a sacred place to fight the Biju. The place is where many past hosts have come as part of the choosing ceremony.
  • To enter the place proper, all of them has to enter and pass through the a statue. They have to put their heads in the statue's mouth and if there is no darkness in your heart, the door will open. If you have darkness in your hearts, the statue will bit your head off.
  • The headless statues standing around the area are past hosts who failed to enter the gate.
  • Of course, Yamato is worried and suggests that a bunshin will do that. But Bee warned them that the spirits of Kumogakure ancestors are watching them, so they can't fool them. 
  • As Naruto placed his head inside, worry-wart Yamato gets nervous as Naruto screamed. When he pulled Naruto out, his head is already missing?!
  • It turns out, Naruto is just playing around and he is just psyched up. He also said that there was a just a switch inside. 
  • And what do you know? Bee, when he first entered also joked around. And hey, the statues are JUST BROKEN STATUES. Hahaha.
  • The door opens. Similar to the waterfall, Naruto has to sit down, close his eyes and concentrate. Then, the biju will appear.
  • Naruto says that he can already had times that he can talk with the kyuubi, but Bee says that it's different. 
  • Bee asked him what sort of seal was used on the Kyubi. Yamato says that it is the Shisho Fuin or the Iron Seal. 
  • Bee says that's a strong seal as compared to his Tekko Fuin or the Four Element Seal. 
  • Bee asked for the key to the seal since they will break the seal and release the kyuubi. But if Naruto cannot control him, Bee and Yamato will seal him inside the room.
  • The place is really meant for that place. The kyubi will be sealed until a new host will come to replace Naruto. 
  • Yamato is worried but Naruto says that he can do it.
  • Bee will now close door and instructs Naruto to first greet the Kyubi and then break the seal.
  • Kyubi and Naruto finally meets and Kyubi can sense that Naruto's real self is missing.
  • Naruto answers that HE is right in front of him. And Naruto now proceeds to break the seal.
  • The seal is now open and Kyubi attacks Naruto first!
  • Naruto, as instructed by Bee has to use his chakras to grab hold of the kyubi's chakra and pull it out. Only chakra can grab onto chakras. So Naruto has to steal the Kyubi's chakra and then he will win!
  • Furthermore, once Naruto touch the Kyubi, his chakra and the Kyubi's will be connected. It will be like a tug of war. 
  • While Naruto is facing the Kyubi, Hachibi also helps. It's a tough fight.
  • Evil Naruto also comes out and says to Naruto the he will fight too, even though he won't be strong as usual.
  • Naruto is also reminded that when he is trying to take its chakras, there's a chance it will be able to take his chakras instead. And if Naruto's chakra is being sucked out , he will be left with NOTHING.
  • The chapter ends with the Kyubi realizing that Naruto is attempting to control his power.
  • With this, Naruto courageously answers, COME AT ME!!!!

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