Saturday, May 22, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 495

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Chapter 495: Dark Naruto Destroyed

As I thought, this will really happen. In all of the plots that I have encountered where one has to face his/her own evil self, it will always be following this type of story. 

Chapter highlights:
  • Naruto was moved by Killerbee and Motoi's relationship. Bee gave his thanks to Naruto for saving Motoi.
  • Motoi and Yamato comments that Naruto and Bee both has something that draws people into them. 
  • Bee and Naruto constantly exchange conversations in raps and Yamato is not so approved of Naruto learning rap. 
  • Bee now tells Naruto to go back to the Waterfall of Truth since he knows, Naruto can do it now.
  • Naruto goes back to face his evil self. 
  • So to pass this stage, Naruto shows what is inside his heart. 
  • Naruto's signature then appears: #1 Hokage Candidate, Naruto. That's the signature he couldn't write at Ichiraku.
  • Evil Naruto is confused. He again brings up that the pople lied to them. They suffered and it really hurt. 
  • Naruto says that the villagers are important to him but he first need to believe in his self, the me  that the villagers trust.
  • Naruto saw in Bee that he doesn't doubt himself. He is proud of what he became. 
  • Naruto then thanks his evil self because he became strong because of him. 
  • Evil Naruto ran toward Naruto but instead of attacking back, Naruto hugged him and accepted him.
  • With this, everything is settled. 
  • Now on to the next stage, Bee (along with Yamato) leads Naruto to the next phase where he will fight the kyuubi. 

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