Saturday, May 8, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 493

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Chapter 493: Dark Naruto

This is a real cliffhanger. Now, I have to wait for another week. Grrrr.

Chapter highlights:
  • Another Naruto appears from within the waterfalls. Naruto cannot believe this as he cannot remember doing any Kage Bunshin.
  • The clone introduces himself as Naruto, the one inside his heart. He is the Real Naruto, his precious hatred, his dark side and the part that the kyuubi likes.
  • Naruto suddenly remembers what he learned when he was last summoned to Myobokuzan: The Kyubi's will is a mass of hatred. No matter how strong one braces against it, it will try to take over the heart by clinging to the shreds of hatred inside.
  • Clone Naruto attacks but Naruto dodges, saying that he is the real one. 
  • Back on Killer Bee, he is just fooling around the island. The Hachibi talks to him and tells him to just help Naruto. Afterall, they are both hosts and the he can see promise on Naruto. He also remembers their past selves. Killer Bee answered that he doesn't want to have anything to do with a kid who makes fun of rap.
  • Naruto's strength matches his clone. Whatever he can, the clone can do to. He is having a hard time fighting since their skills are at par with each other. He summoned a mass of clones and the clone also summoned the same amount. 
  • Yamato and Motoi is watching Naruto. Yamato asks what is happening and Motoi explains that by sitting in front of the waterfall, the waterfall will become a mirro of one's true self.
  • Naruto snaps back and Yamato rushes over him. Naruto explained everything and admitted that he cannot defeat his clone. Motoi said that he has to defeat it to control the biju.
  • Naruto thinks of asking for Killer Bee's help but is reluctant because he will not tell him anyway. He wonders if the Killer Bee has a dark side too.
  • Naruto asks Motoi to tell him the story of Killer Bee. He can get hints from it. Since they are both hosts, Motoi explains that they both lived the same lives. 
  • Great power breeds fear and hatred. The villagers are always awkward when Bee is around, pretty much to Naruto's experience as a kid. But despite this, Bee didn't complained. He is always cheerful and he accepted it. He was never ashamed to tell to the world that he is a host and instead used it as an appealing factor for himself. He is a proud Jinchuuriki.
  • And the reason why Bee is so proud? It's for his father, the Raikage. He wants to be  a good host for his father. Hosts are always chosen from among the wives and children and close relatives of the 5 kages to ensure that hosts would never betray their villages. The host has a responsibility of protecting their village and acts as a display of strength.
  • Motoi respects Bee for this attitude. Bee completed his training at the waterfalls in no time. 
  • Naruto asks Motoi a favor of asking Bee the secret of surpassing the Waterfall of Truth, but Motoi answered that he is not worthy for he tried to kill him once. 
  • As part of his penance, Motoi will tell the incident that happened 30 years ago. 

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