Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kuroshitsuji Season 2 Trailer [English Subbed]

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Kuroshitsuji 2, set to be released on July 2010.

I am not even sure if I want to do this but for the love of Kuroshitsuji, then I will reconsider. But after watching the trailer, I already miss watching Ciel and Sebastian together. For me, the only master is Ciel and the one and only butler is Sebastian.

Credit to sakuraifan @ LJ.

Kuroshitsuji Season 2 will air on July 2010, so 2 more months to go.


  1. Claude stunts are just the same as Sebby! Wt a copy-cat butler....

    And the masters (Ciel and Alois) are being dubbed by females...

  2. I'm willing to give it chance, though it will be a poor substitute for Sebastian and Ciel. I really adored the them ;p. Thanks for posting the preview.

  3. @Hoshi...
    YEah. Claude looks like Sebby...that is why I already miss Sebby after watching the trailer.

    @Omari's Sister
    I have the same opinion as you. I will see if it will do well but definitely, Sebby and Ciel ae number 1 :D

  4. Yeah it definitely just feels like Claude is imitating Sebby.
    and Alois' clingy-ness is nowhere as good as Ciel's retorts =\

  5. @Aorii..

    Yeah. Oh Sebby....
    Alois is not really like Ciel in terms of personality.

    Really, I wonder what will be my reaction in July after watching this =_=

  6. I'm looking forward to this a bit-- not as much as I would if there was Ciel and Sebby, but I still think that it has the possibility to be ok.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Even though I was a bit put off at first - HOW DARE THEY MAKE NEW CHARACTERS AND SUBSTITUTE MY DARLING DEMON AND MASTER?! - I've been eagerly awaiting the new series.

    Also, it's refreshing to have completely new personalities that you have to get to know. As long as it's made by the same Yana Toboso, I have no arguments.