Monday, October 19, 2009

Miracle Train - Episode 1

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Episode 1: Labyrinth 42.3

I do not think I can ride the train the same way again.

There exists an urban legend about the Miracle Train that is only visible to troubled young women. Those who board the Miracle Train are to be visited by six tall handsome young men embodying six major stations on the Oedo Tokyo Subway Line. There’s gentle-yet-playful Fumi Roppongi; cool and narcissitic Rintaro Shinjuku; uber-polite yet insecure Saki Tochou rounded by Izayoi Tsuishima, Iku Shiodome and Itsumi Ryogoku. Watch as our bishonen heroes battle the forces of self-induced teenage melodrama and teach you about trains the process!

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General Reaction for Episode 1:
I think I will be following this show. The idea of bishounen helping lost and troubled ladies are something that appealed to my interest. I though Chinatsu was a main stay character but she was the damsel in distress for episode 1.

My favorite among the bishounen at your service is the conductor. He seems to be the mysterious type of guy. And I am so interested to see his face behind the mask. He also has refined character and attitude that makes him much more loveable at first look.

Since Mr. Conductor didn't have much of a screentime, most of my attention went to Roppongi who has the best eyes among all of them. The way he stares and the way he focuses his attention really makes you feel melted and undoubtedly, you would blush.

In the same way that I loved the characters, I am also excited because I get to have a 101 experience with the different train stations in Japan. From time to time, train trivias have been appearing, informing the viewers some information regarding each station. So while I drool over my bishounen characters, my mind also works as I get to learn each station and its characterisitcs.

In the Philippine setting, I wonder if a miracle train can exist. I can't imagine each station here in the country to be such handsome and cute young boys. But I do dream that someday a miracle train would come by and fetch me as I ride in one of the stations. Hahahhahaahahaha



    I knew you would enjoy this~ Ohohohoho~ We're both taking up series with bishie anthromorphisms now~ Wheee~

  2. @sapphy..

    yeah. the idea caught me. hahahaha.

  3. the guys are really cute.this will be a very succesful series.