Monday, August 10, 2009

Tears to Tiara - Episode 18

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Episode 18: Return

R.I.P. Gaius.
I didn't think I will be liking you in the last minute.

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Having the Brigantes help the Gael tribe is a big thing for all of them. With Arthur's arrival together with the Brigantes force, Gaius' army is greatly weakened and it eventually resulted to his death.

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I guess I overestimated Arthur's return. I thought its going to be more grand as compared to what happened in the episode but it was already well and good for me. You can clearly see the bond that has formed between Arawn and Arthur. I like Arawn's confident attitude when he was being attacked by Gaius - he stood really still because he knew that Arthur would be there to protect him.

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It was only finally revealed what Arawn's plans for Arthur. He aims for the Regulus - which means kingship. But an another meaning for Regulus is little king thus Arawn is preparing Arthur to be a king. Well, I think Arthur looks fitting for a king. He's got the spirit that would always be lit and would never die especially right now that Arawn is igniting the flame even more. I bet Arthur would be a good king in the near future.

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As I have said above, I admire Gaius in this episode. He was able to live up to his pride as an Imperial Soldier. Even though he died in the hands of Arthur, he recognized his mistakes and he even passed on his dream to both Arthur and Arawn - a free and a more lenient world. He accepted his defeat wholeheartedly and just asked for the Imperial Soldiers to be spared from death. For me, he died in a very noble way.

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Towards the end of the episode, we meet a new character. He is so white and he burnt the whole Imperial Senate who mocked Gaius and laughed at him because of his death.

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And yeah, I will announce that I am now an official Taliesin fan. Hahahaha.

Well for a more comprehensive summary, reychop's posted it on his blog. Big thanks to reychop :)


  1. Nooo!!! I'm a her now!!! -sighs- Hahaha. Well, at least I have realized that you didn't know I am a boy until now XD

    Anyway, I have learned yet another inconsistency between the subs that we have been watching. Regulus vs Regius... Which is accurate? Nevertheless, the idea is there and I thought that Regulus is much closer to Arawn's pronunciation. But Regius is much more "latin-sounding" and Regulus is just awkward in my mouth.

    I just hope animax got this right... Anyway, this episode made me remember of "King Arthur" I'll watch out for more similarities... Maybe we can see excalibur in the near future! XD Just kidding.

    It is also interesting to note that Arawn, Pwyll and Riannon came from a Welsh mythology in which Pwyll and Arawn decided to switch places and became friends after that. Riannon is also Arawn's wife. The rest can be read here.

    Anyway, the episode is getting racy. And I presume that that white man who appeared in the senate is one of the twelve angels, if not, an agent of them. No human is capable of that power. And I would say that he would once again begin the climax of the story.

    If I am correct, Tears to Tiara would be ending soon. -sigh-

  2. OMG. me and my typo errors. i am so sorry..hahaha. i am typing so recklessly. gomen..gomen..gomen.

    hahaha. i dunno which is which but i think we understand what we are referring to..i dunno where can we get clarifications but i wanna clear those inconsistencies.

    oh yeah..i hve heard about that mythology thing. it's so cool. somehow that reference reveals their relationship.

    yeah.i speculate that he is one of the twelve angels or somehow related to them. he might be the next problem arawn need to face.

    yeah..tiara's ending soon. awwwwww :(

    agaiin..gomen, gomen. hahahaha.

  3. Hahaha. No problem at all. I always get mistaken for a girl (especially on the phone) even though I am quite masculine-looking (Among my classmates, I have the most darkened mustache Hehehe)

    Anyway, I am sure it would be cleared up when more and more sites are put up and fans are starting to speculate. But my respect for animax is great, so I'm sticking with theirs...

    And I'd say that the man who killed the senate might be their final boss. But if not, then that signifies that my theory is incorrect and animax has still a long way to go!!! Yay... hehehe..

    But if he's the final enemy, I'd say tears to tiara would be ending in episodes 24 or so, like most anime do.

    However, Tears to Tiara had a special place in my heart and whether it will close or not, regardless if it would be popular or not, I would continue to expand my site and possibly, even create a few stories about it... (I do love forming sequels for my favorite anime. But most have stayed in my mind and forgotten. But this won't be happening in tears to tiara).

    And finally, our exams are finally over!! Wohoo... That damn Calculus and Physics is hell. But I managed to finish them... Hopefully I won't fail... Ugh

  4. Good luck on your exam results ^^

    I think so too that the white man is the final boss since Arawn was once a white man and I think it fits that someone like him be the final boss. And if he really is, then I am sure that it's a really awesome showdown!!!!!:)

  5. Okay, I retract my statements. After watching episode 19 (the summary will be posted later) it appears that there is more to the story than we originally thought. The preview to it is exceptionally interesting as the past will now unfold and its consequences personified.

    I would say it would be more than 30 if possible. They have other "side quests" to fulfill before defeating the final boss..

  6. Episode 19 now posted at

  7. I have made a few revisions in this episode

    I am actually deflated to find out that Epona is a girl.. Ahhhh!!!!

  8. And whoops, the updates are on the roll. Episode 20: Lucifer is now posted at