Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spice And Wolf II- Episode 00

A Jealous Horo!

I officially start my Spice and Wolf posts with the OVA released before the second season premiered.

To begin, let me re-introduce the main characters of this series.
Horo, the Wise Wolf
Lawrence, the Merchant
Nola, the Shepherd

Since the first season, these three are traveling to different places, encountering different adventures in different cities that they will arrive. Horo, on the other hand is traveling back to her homeland in the north and she is with Lawrence until they reached the place.

So in this episode, it picked up where Season 1 ended. The three of them are now in an inn resting and drinking. This is a really funny episode since Horo starts to show jealousy towards Nola who gets more attention from Lawrence. Since Lawrence is too busy with Nola, he didn't notice that Horo is sick and not feeling well. In the middle of the meal, Horo collapsed which worried Lawrence too much.

So, while Horo is having a delirious fever, she dreams about their sweet moments together and how much time she has spent with Lawrence. It's kinda a little flash back to the previous season but they are indeed special times between Horo and Lawrence.

As I have mentioned, Lawrence attended to the sick Horo. He cooked meals for her and stayed by her side and frequently visited her to make sure she was okay. This really made the Wise Wolf really happy as she realizes her importance and value for Lawrence.

The episode ended with Horo and Nola talking about the secret to herding sheeps. Nola answered that having an open heart is the key to it and Horo agreed to her answer.

So generally, this episode is a nice way to kick off the new season. It has also presented the possible plot for the new season. I think the future episodes would deal with the problem where Horo will be asked to do a choice: Lawrence or her brethren. I know that these two parties are so important for her and a choice is impossible for her to do.

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