Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 115

Suigetsu's first TV performance!

This is a completly Naruto-free episode. The whole 20+ minutes of the episode, you only get to see Sasuke and his new friend, Suigetsu.


Anyway, I was amused by Suigetsu's character and I love how the anime gave more life to his personality. While I am reading the manga, I knew that Suigetsu would be my new favorite character once he debuts in the anime. He is a very interesting fellah, has strong powers, and mostly because of his funny and light nature. He is Zabusa's kouhai and is the new weilder of the Executioner's Blade.
Sasuke, on the other hand seems to be at ease with Suigetsu. He may seem tough and heartless but I think he is liking the company of Suigetsu, whether he admits it or not. While he is repressing all of his childhood memories of Naruto, he can't help but remember then when they passed through the Great Naruto Bridge. Upon arriving, he stopped there and looked at the bridge while playing memories deep inside his head.
Next episode, we would be meeting Karin. She would be liking Sasuke, just like any girl did and she is the 2nd person Sasuke would fetch to form his new group.
And so, here are notable screen shots in the episode:

Damn..Sasuke looks so baaadddddd. I like how he looks -___-

Meet our new character, Suigetsu!

The Great Naruto Bridge. Sounds nostalgic, right Sasuke?
When he arrived, Sasuke is staring blankly at the bridge, perhaps remembering someone familiar.

Where can you see a villain eating parfait?

As always, Sasuke gets the attention of most girls.

I just simply like this picture. Sasuke using his Sharingan to enter into someone's dreamworld.

This is really funny, but Suigetsu is spotted eating parfait. So he ends up being our Hyper Parfait Celebrity!

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