Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist Play Arts Kai figures now open for pre-orders!

They just look awesome!

Since the start of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, there have been new figures coming out. This time, Square Enix once again have Fullmetal Alchemist play arts figures. The figures are of the Elric brothers and the elusive Roy Mustang. These wonderful Play Arts figures manufactured by Kotobukiya are now available for pre-orders at Hobby Search.

The figures will be released on October and will be sold for 3,800 yen (for Ed and Roy) and 4,560 yen (for Al).

I love the detail of their outfits but I couldn't place why I don't like Ed's face(s) -- I'm guessing his faces are too realistic for me. Compared to the first series of FMA Play Arts figures, these are leaning onto a more realistic look -- similar to the Final Fantasy Play Arts figures -- those transisitoned nicely since Final Fantasy art has always looked more realistic, while the FMA figures are a bit 50-50 on the realism.

Ed with his cheeky face and Automail arm

All of them have alternate heads/faces (unsure of which), and it seems that Ed's arms can be changed into his automail arm -- and his coat is most likely cast-offable, based on the photos.

Al figure
Al's figure is simple, yet nicely detailed

Since Al is pure armor -- the realism makes him a wonderful figure -- and because he has more intricate details, his price tag is higher by a notch. I'm not sure if he has some accessories with him other than his OwO face, which I find adorable. >w<

Roy looking dashing as always
Roy looking dashing as always

Roy comes with an alternate head with his military cap on -- his looks make me melt *fangirl moment*.

Overall, the three Play Arts figures are very nice! I might buy them in the future, but not at the moment since I'm saving up for Saber Lily.


  1. @xtine06: yes~ ROY~ *fangirls*

  2. i don't know about realism, but... Ed's face is kind of disturbing... i mean what's his problem, what's with the weird grin? paint his face white and he looks like the Joker...

    but if i would get (and i never will sniff*) a figure, that would be Roy as well... no, i'm not a fangirl (cause i'm not a girl) but i think he's cool and his face looks more appealing than Ed's manniacal grin and Al's spooky... face?... head?... whatever...

  3. @Hyperion:
    I think Roy is the most appealing among the three figures possibly because Roy didn't have a play arts figure before (before, it was Ed, Al and Winry)

    I think you can get a figure if you save up enough money ^^;

  4. it's not about money, it's about the region where i live :(

  5. @Hyperion
    Really? :o where in the world do you live? o.o?

  6. well, as you know, am not much of a figure collector ^^; but the roy one's really good *_*

    @ Hyperion
    aren't figures more of a fanboy material? xD

  7. well i'm from Romania, and you can guess that stuff like anime character figures don't have a good marketing here...

    and yes, it is more of a fanboy material, but it's just that ROY doesn't strike me as a fan-BOY material, because, well... just look at him, all serious and cool and such, he strikes me only as a fan-girl material, like ,,every girls dream" material...

  8. @Sapphy: YEAAAH. Roy <3
    @Hyperion: Well, I think you'll be able to purchase figures online -- there are sites that allow paypal or credit cards if you have them *nodnod* I'm guessing anime conventions are rare there? They usually sell figures there as well

    Hearing that you're from Romania is quite a coincidence... I stumbled onto a Romanian's blog about figures earlier, you might be interested to check it out: Figures Junctions ^^

  9. Oh!! I love this Roy ♥w♥

  10. i know hyperion, me too, as much as i love this show i cant get these. i live in india and i stumbled across FMA some good 7-8 years ago, brotherhood comes on TV but the figurines, not a market for it here. :'(. ohh wait i have a friend in japan. shell get em when she comes. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. u can call me axel btw