Saturday, July 11, 2009

First impressions on NEEDLESS: The start of another epic series!

Sorry for the lateness everyone~ but here are some quick first impressions on NEEDLESS

First off, and if you have probably stalked other people's entries about NEEDLESS by now, the awesome amount of GAR reminds a lot of us with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which is one of the most epic series to date.

Blade == EPIC GAR; Eve == LOL and Fanservice!

So far, the main protagonists seen here are Cruz -- the wimpy green-haired boy -- which I hope will actually grow up as something in the future, Blade -- epic GAR person that can stand next to Kamina's MANRINESS, and Eve -- the source of fanservice, but is epic as well!

Eve's LOL moments reminds me of Yakitate!! Japan sometimes XD

The first episode was enough to give us viewers a good taste of what the series is going to be like. I liked the balance of comedy and GARish action -- although the theme is a little bit cliche, the episode is not boring at all. Which makes me look forward to the next episodes!

As for the opening and ending -- the opening was nice, but the ending... seems to be like the yang of NEEDLESS' yin which is the excessive manriness... I'm not too fond of it, even though I am a self-professed yuri fan -- most likely because I do not see the connection ><; Look forward for more entries about NEEDLESS coming soon~! ^~^

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