Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 10

Roy: Ah, it looks like it's raining beginning to rain.
Riza: No I don't think so....
Roy: No, it's raining all right?
Riza: You're right, let's go back. We'll catch colds.


Let's get things straight. Lt. Hughes died in this episode. Huhuhu :( This is one of my hatest part of the FMA story since I love Hughes so much! Even though he is just a supporting character, his presence makes the story more light and enjoyable to follow. His crazy antics, funny remarks and his extreme love for family makes his character so strong and significant. He is a true friend to Roy and a father figure to the Elric brothers and even if he is powerless - not an alchemist in this sense, he is still able to do the best that he can to support the people that he loves. Haay, I feel so sorry for the death of Hughes. But, the story has to move on and to continue.
Even if the episode is kinda sad at the end, still a few cracks are present courtesy of Hughes, Armstrong and King Bradley. Yes, King Bradley! In this new adaptation of him, his personality became lighter and from my point of view, more approachable as compared to the previous one. So for me, he becomes less suspicious that he is got something to do with the homonculi.
Next episode, Ed and Winry goes to Rush City, the automail capital! We will now get to meet Paninya. Tanoshimii :)
PS. I promise to post FMA episode 11 earlier. I swear! :)

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