Sunday, May 10, 2009

Naruto Shippudden - Episode 108

Inside the three tails' stomach. Gross!

Sasuke did a little appearance this episode and that made me happy! I already miss seeing Sasuke and I wish that the next arc would be more Sasuke centric. Anyway, Yuukimaru's story is not yet finished so I guess I have to stick with it for a while.
So still, Naruto and Guren is inside the three tails' stomach. They're in big danger since they are about to be digested by the mini three tails' who acts as the catalyzer. Thanks to the fog in the three tails' body that causes illusion, Guren saw the illusion of Yuukimaru's mom and has already asked for forgiveness for killing her before. She also swore that she will dedicate her life in protecting Yuukimaru. Meanwhile, Kakashi and the others, with the help of Yuukimaru have already made their move so that they can save Naruto and Guren
What I am looking forward to right now are the fights of Kiba, Lee and Ten-ten which is about to start. I haven't seen them in real action in a long long time. I think the next episode would show more about this!

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