Monday, May 25, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 691

Conan vs. Detective Boys!

So this chapter, the Shounen Tantei appear to be so intelligent. They seem to be prepared and is acting like they are real detectives- taking up notes, pictures and leaving their marks as markers. As for Conan, he is still calm as ever and would just concentrate on finding the mystery of the warehouse. Of course, he already realized that there is someone helping the Shounen Tantei and he already know who - as for me, I got a hunch that it's Hattori but the next chapter would provide me the answer for that.
So about the house, it was made by the master of traps of the Bakumatsu Era, Samizu Kachiemon. The house is far from we think it was. What's so special about the house? We will soon find in the next chapter!

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