Sunday, December 26, 2010

Farewell Hyper Parfait

I know xtine06 already greeted but I felt like doing it again xD:

(to also include New Year, hehe)

After quite a while, xtine06 and I have finally posted something here at H*P xD Unlike xtine06 though, I'm here to bring sad news ^^; Some are already informed about it.... and I think it's time to officially announce it.

Yes, as the title indicates, Hyper Parfait will be closing. This shall be the last Hyper Parfait post.

We can't keep H*P as active as before (As xtine06 has mentioned in the previous post, real life lately is giving us lesser time for fandom.) and we've also decided to post separately from now on.

Separating? You two had a fight or something?
LOLz, no, we are still in good terms~ We just don' think we can do more team blogging for H*P ^^;

Where will you two will be posting next time then?
xtine06 will resume posting at her livejournal blog.
I will resume posting at my own LJ as well but I've also created a new fandom blog. My posts from H*P and other blogs are moved and merged in the new one.

What will happen to the H*P blogspot, twitter, facebook, etc.?
They will no longer be updated (I am also planning to delete my posts from here)

Just the blog or also the scanlation side?
Hyper Parfait won't be scanlating anymore either (starting next year). See this post for more details.

You two are really closing H*P huh.... or maybe I'm just dreaming/hallucinating?
Unfortunately, no you're not.


Sapphire Pyro's new fandom blog, mostly anime and manga of course (followed by novels, movies, tv series, etc.).

xtine06's personal and fandom online journal.

Thank you for all the love and support. These 2 years (+ several months) had been wonderful. We love ya guys~
We hope to see you again outside Hyper Parfait~ (since well, it's not like we're going to stop blogging after all xD)


  1. Awww this is sad news T_T I understand that real life does get in the way sometimes, I wish I could have discovered this blog earlier~ I wish you guys the best of luck in real life! :D and I'll be sure to follow the new blogs as well ^_^

  2. Awww, I'm quite sad that this place won't be updating anymore but I suppose real life really is quite busy nowadays. Following the blog was quite fun and it's nice to know that we can still read you guys in another place. Good luck with whatever and make sure that your guys' love for anime and manga never dies in your separate blogs! =D

  3. Best of luck with everything you do. Peace, health, and happiness in the New Year.

  4. That's too bad. It was fun having you guys around. Good luck with your other endeavors.

  5. This is really sad >o< but well, real life priorities after all...
    Best luck to your next endeavors~! and guess I'll still find you on your blog xD

    also SapphirePyro, you still going to keep working for Omari's Sister group or leaving that also? xo


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