Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naruto - Chapter 506

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Chapter 507: Guy vs. Kisame

Guy, don't die please?!?!?!?! 

Chapter highlights:
  • Finally, Guy knows that the guy who popped out of the waterfall is not his true self.
  • So looking at Kisame smashed on the floor, Guy thinks that he is pufferfish. (Stupid, right?!HAHA)
  • Bee tells them that he is an Akatsuki spy and the he can't let him escape if they don't want their secret to be kept safe.
  • Samehada goes back to Bee and hugs him and Bee understands that Samehada was forced.
  • Kisame goes to the water and suck Bee's chakra out of him.
  • The other Konoha guy tries to help by using his Hijutsu Ishibari (Secret Technique: Stone Needle), a ninjutsu that stops movement through chakras.
  • But, this doesn't help as well as his chakra was also absorbed!
  • Guy then attacks with Konoha Senpu (Konoha Spiral Wind) and Kisame counters.
  • Kisame is getting away and they can't let him go out since he has discovered a lot of things.
  • Guy volunteers to stop him as he uses his Hachimon Tonko! Dai Roku Keimon (Eight Gates Release! #6 Gate of View)
  • Bee uses his last bit of strength to throw Guy towrds to the coast.
  • Back in the temple, Yamato gives first aid to Naruto after injuring himself because of his new strength.
  • Guy summons his turte in the midair because he need a back to jump on.
  • Meanwhile, Kisame summons a shark where he will sent the scroll containing the information he has found out.
  • Guy manages to catch up and says that he won't let Kisame run away.
  • Guy summons lots of sharks with his Suiton: Senjikizame (Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks).
  • Guy has a hard time determining which shark carry the scroll, so he has no other choice but to punch each of them.
  • Guy cannot deal with a thousand sharks so he has no choice but to widen his scope. Guy uses Dai Nana Kyomon (#7 Gate of Wonder).
  • Kisame says that Guy is the third person he has seen that is fluent with Taijutsu.
  • Guy says that he is indeed a rare beast, the Green Beast of Prey, and Guy is still preparing for something bigger.
  • Kisame uses his Daikodan no Jutsu (Great Shark Missile Technique) while Guy is ready with his Hiru Dora (Noon Tiger)!
  • A tough fight and Guy is giving all his best.


  1. no no no I was thinking the same as u I don't want gai to die NOOOO ;A;

  2. @Anonymous

    Yeah..the trend in Naruto right now is that when one gets a featured fight, then that person will die or will end up being injured big time.

    Hopefully this time, Guy is not an option.