Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama - Episode 16

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I need my Usui before I start preparing for my week. Thus, I decided to post first before preparing for my class next week.
BTW, if Aoi chan is really cute when he acts like a boy, but still my heart belongs to USUI TAKUMI ♥

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It's beach time for the Maid Latte girls who went to a trip to enjoy the summer. They will be staying in Satsuki's younger sister, Nagisa who also owns a restaurant. Aoi-chan is also there since he again exiled by his father and is asked to do manly jobs at Nagisa's restaurant as part of his training. And of course, Usui is also there and was asked by Satsuki to become their bodyguard. But since he hates the heat of the sun, he arrived at the venue at around 7:00AM, way ahead than the others.

Usui is ready for the job because when Misa-chan drowns, HE WILL NOT LET ANYONE PERFORM CPR ASIDE FROM HIM. He, alone has the right to perform CPR to Misa-chan. Oh Usui, you're really smooooooth ♥

And since it is the beach, beach is always equal to girls in bikini. But not for Usui who looks so bored and disappointed when Misa-chan wore her school swimsuit. she even wore it completely: from shower cap to goggles, she so complete!

Nagisa's restaurant is really not doing well in her business since her location is farthest in the area, so there are no customers passing around. And so, the Maid Latte crew thought of using their talents as maids to help gather customers for the shop. And so, that was the first ever, bikini day of Maid Latte.

The bodyguard gets really annoyed by the summer heat and was even shocked to see Misa-chan wearing an uber sexy swimsuit. She will be helping with the restaurant and has borrowed Satsuki's swimsuit to use. But Mr. Bodyguard will not easily let his girl walk away wearing that revealing so he decided to kiss Misa-chan on her lower back, giving her a kiss mark, which will really be too embarrassing to expose. So Misa-chan ended up wearing her shirt to hide the kiss mark. Well, on that part, I guess Usui did his job as a bodyguard.

At the end of the day, everyone celebrates for the success of their operation. To relax, Satsuki has tickets to an onsen. But before Misa-chan can enjoy the onsen, she got scared after hearing a ghost story from Honoka.
In addition, she also became reluctant to go since there is a chance that the girls will see the kiss mark she is trying to hide all day. Misa-chan ended up passing the chance and stayed behind, together with Usui.

Misa-chan mopes for not being able to go to the onsen and that's the reason why, according to Usui, he stayed behind. Misa-chan also wants to go since she will be distracted if she is with everyone, a clear sign to Usui that Misa-chan is afraid of ghosts.Misa-chan denies this and just claims that she doesn't want to waste the tickets given by Satsuki. And speaking of tickets, the tickets to the onsen are left with Misa-chan so she is forced to run to the onsen, ALONE and bring them the tickets.

Misa-chan seems to lost on the way to the onsen and got in the middle of the woods and got really scared especially when she saw a light coming her way. It turns out it was just Usui with his cellphone as his light. He ran after Misa-chan, knowing that she is already afraid of ghosts. Misa-chan is really scared when saw Usui and so Usui apologized for scaring her.Misa-chan fell on his feet because of fear and of course relief that it's just Usui. Suddenly, Usui hugged Misa-chan, who is still so scared and he won't let her go until she calms down as Misa-chan is still grabbing Usui's shirt tightly.

Well, things are starting to get really good with Aoi-chan came, surprised that the two are lovey-dovey in the middle of the night and suspects that the two are dating, which Misa-chan denies. Usui walks off and is then joined by Misa-chan and Aoi-chan a short while after.

It turns out that the tickets Misa-chan are just extras and since Usui is there, he decides to take a dip he forcibly takes Aoi-chan along.


  1. lol this episode, I'm not sure to take Usui's extreme possessiveness as cute or frustrating sometimes. It's romantic in a ways and all but... it's also starting to on Misa-chan's ability to be herself =\

  2. @Aorii..

    I love Usui's possessiveness. ♥ but i don't really think Misa-chan can be stopped by something like that since Misa also has a very strong personality.