Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama - Episode 15

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Usui is EXTREMELY talented. He really is. Throw him into type of sport you know, and he can play that sport splendidly! It makes me want to ask: WHAT ELSE THAT USUI CANNOT DO?
I only got a few of my Usui moments for episode 15, but this is really well compensated by episode 16. HAHAHAHAHA. I am itching to do my post about it!

So you thought that Misa-chan fell into Kanou's hypnosis thing? You better said "no" because Misa-chan is wide awake until the very last minutes. Well, she claims that she is annoyed by Usui's sweet talk but I doubt that it's the other way around. No matter what the reason is, Misa-chan is awake and thus, the hypnosis' effect is already cancelled.

Because of this, Kanou has to do a punishment for his actions. And he will be really useful in preparation of the Open Day of Seika High and he will be assisting the girls in their activities. Kanou has really been not so good with ladies, that's why he is really having a hard time coping up with the girls.

Kanou's pretty much the waiter in the girl's cafe and he is wearing a bunny suit. He doesn't really want to but one guy versus a bunch of girls, what can he really do? Well, Misa-chan has found out Kanou's reason for being so cold with the girls: And that's because Kanou sees the girls to be fragile, easily broken and sensitive. But after working with the girls of Seika High, Misa-chan is sure to make Kanou realize that girls are not that.

It has also been revealed the Kanou's perception of women roots to his father whose occupation is a wrestler and implanted the idea on the young Kanou that woman are fragile and weak.

Kanou even helped a girl visitor conquer her fear of men by imposing his magic or in short, hypnosis. The girl underwent suggestive hypnosis that she is not afraid of guys anymore. Kanou is so happy to help a girl, for the first time ever in his life.

Usui came in the middle of the story where he visited the school to encourage Misa-chan with the Open Day event. Well, Misa-chan kinda forced him to work with the different club groups, befriending them. He plays football, then baseball, then table tennis, and finally kendo. With all of these activities, Usui snaps and stays that he wants to stop.

At the end of the day, the very tired Usui literally grabs Misa-chan and asks her if she is done punishing Kanou. Misa-chan says yes and now Usui demands for praise from Misa-chan for all the hardwork he has done today. He is also annoyed that Misa-chan didn't checked on him, even once. Misa-chan tries to say thank you but Usui is NOT SATISFIED and wants something more as a form of attitude.Well, Usui got what he wanted after being tapped in the head by Misa-chan while saying "Good Work". He blushes and is so elated that he even offered to violate Misa-chan.

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