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Detective Conan - Chapter 725-727

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Chapter 725: White Day Murder
Chapter 726: The Miraculous Trick
Chapter 727: Happy White Day!

I am SO behind White Day. Golden Week is even over? Hahahahahaha. Poor, busy me :))

Chapter 725 highlights:
  • It's time for the White Day and in the Urai residence, and Urai Taruto, President of the Urai Confection is talking with his wife. The wife is offering her sour-flavored chocolates for him to taste test but he refused since he didn't want sour chocolates.
  • The wife, Urai Hoshie is also the company's Vice President asked Taruto if he is ready for the White Day Speech on March 14. But it seems, he didn't have any. He asked for a suggestion.
  • Hoshie has a suggestion...something that would really surprise everyone, a surprise of death.
  • Meanwhile, Kogoro stars in the commercial for Urai Confections with his beloved Yoko-chan.
  • Because of this connection, Kogorou and his family is invited to the White Day Party.
  • Speaking of White Day, Sonoko asked Ran if she already got a gift from Shinichi. 
  • Then, Detective Satou came and overheard the conversation. She then asks Takagi for a gift but it seems he is not prepared with one.
  • Shiratori also passed by with a lot of sweets that he give to Kobayashi-sensei. 
  • On their way to the party, Conan ran back to the house because he forgot about something important. 
  • At the hotel where the event will be held, Kogoro is disappointed that Yoko-chan couldn't make it due to schedule reasons. He cannot hand her a present for the special day.
  • At the party, Kogoro is welcomed by the Urai couple. Urai offered them lemonades as well as offered them food to eat. 
  • According to Sonoko, President Urai does something interesting at every party. Doing things like magic tricks, dressing like a character from the commercials or even doing a short skit under the spotlight. Ran is excited on what he will do this time. 
  • After the commercial is played, Kogoro was called in front to give some words. 
  • While Kogoro is infront, Mrs. Urai offered Ran palm reading. 
  •  As she gives her readings, Mrs. Urai asked her husband if he is listening. 
  • Suddenly, President Urai screamed and he seems to be in pain. He fell down and collapse.
  • Mrs. Urai came near him and thought that this time, he will do a mystery skit. So she called Mouri and asked for a deduction about what happened. 
  • After saying that the culprit is in this room, Mouri, thinking that this is a skit, asked the president what's next. Conan is checking him and said that he cannot answer anymore.
  • The President isn't breathing and that means he is already dead and Conan can smell Poison Cyanide.
  • Conan then concludes that the President died by poison.
Chapter 726 highlights:
  • Police officers came to take care of the situation and confirmed that the victim died because of poison.
  • Mrs. Urai testified that during the time when Mouri was giving a speech infront, his husband let out a groan and collapsed, not able to move at all.'
  • At that time, the one nearest the President was the wife but Ran said that they are doing palm reading so it is impossible for her to administer poison.
  • But Conan finds it weird that Mrs. Urai asked his husband if he is listening to the speech of Mouri. Moreso, Conan thinks that the reply was also weird. It's just a simple "Yeah, perhaps".
  • Well, the reason is revealed. Mrs. Urai said that he is just distracted since after Mouri's speech, he is about to announce that they were already divorced and the company split into two. 
  • Urai Confections had gotten large enough and they often bumped heads due to differences of opinion in management styles. But it seems that President Urai doesn't mind the company splitting. He doesn't want to have the divorce.
  • This could mean that the President could have committed suicide due to dispair. 
  • Being the person closest to the victim, Mrs. Urai already asked if the body search can already be done. Afterall, she is most likely the culprit.
  • Mrs. Urai recommended the staff room past the door at the back to prevent the media to cause trouble. As a girl, Satou was asked to do the search.
  • On the way to the room, it seems that Mrs. Urai deliberately make herself fall because of wearing high heels. Conan finds this very strange. 
  • Forensics are now examining the objects around and they found out that no poison has been applied on them. 
  • Looking at the food, Megure's stomach growls. He is hungry after not eating anything before leaving his home. He got into a fight with his wife due to the White Day. 
  • While conducting the search, Satou is worried why she still haven't receive any chocolates from Takagi.
  • Back at the investigation, Kogoro says that the murderer rushed to the victim based on the fact that the President loves to do a performance every party. When the President yelled out and collapsed, it was an act as part of the skit and would just want to put make Mouri do his deductions. In short, the poison was applied directly to the victim's mouth, and again, Mrs. Urai is the suspect.
  • The search was over and Mrs. Urai came back. She said that Mouri is mistaken. At the time when he was infront, he may not have seen it but after the President collapsed, his body didn't twitch even once nor did not create any sounds. If she gave him the poison at that time, the President would've stuggled painfully and let out a groan. 
  • Ran, being next to Mrs. Urai confirmed her statement.
  • Mouri was smoking when some of the ashes fell on her hand, making him throw the cigarette. 
  • The search didn't exposed anything but it was found that in the compartment of the President's car, bottled Pottasium Cyanide and a case filled with medicinal wafers are found. 
  • The coroner also said that they found a half-dissolved wafer between the President's rear teeth. 
  • Evidence points out it's suicide...
  • Conan then says to Mrs. Urai that she'd better call the restaurant since they must have made reservations. Conan noticed that the couple only had drinks. Mrs. Urai was startled and reasoned that his husband is on a diet so he couldn't eat out at night. She also said that she cooks for him healthy foods every night. 
  • To push her to the side even more, Conan asked for menu tonight and it's obvious that Mrs. Urai cannot answer. 
  • This gave Conan the assurance that Mrs. Urai is the culprit but is still unsure about the details.
  • Officer Kiba is having his allergies even though he has already taken his medicine. He wished for a miracle allergy medicine that will cure allergies without any side effects.
  • At the same time, Mouri's cigarette landed on the paper napkin under the wife's lemon iced tea. 
  • After all of this, Conan has already completed his deductions and has asked Takagi to find somethings that could reveal the truth about the miracle trick. 

Chapter 727 highlights:

  • Revelation starts now! The strategy devised in order for the murder trick to work, so that Mrs. Urai could poison her husband!
  • Mrs. Urai used Ran for her crime. After the crime, if Ran can testify that they are doing palm reading before the President died, then she can establish her alibi.
  • In addition, committing the crime during the time when Mouri was infront was another part of her strategy so that the trick won't be seen through.
  • Mrs. Urai proposed to her husband that as an act for the night, he will eat the super sour chocolate without making a face. Miracle fruit, a berry that, when consumed makes sour things taste sweet and is a native to Western Africa was used.
  • It's used to temporarily change one's sense of taste so that the sour things taste sweet. This berry, if thoroughly coated will effect for an hour or two. 
  • So the President eat the berry in advance and asked him if the berry is still effective. 
  • At the time when all foods and drinks are on the table, the most suitable thing for testing its effectiveness was the lemon on the glass of iced tea that his wife was drinking. 
  • She had prepared a lemon in which one of the wedges had been removed and a wafer filled with Pottasium Cyanide was inserted in its place. So, when the President put it in his mouth, the poison will be released. 
  • She prepared the poisoned lemon and brought it to the party. She then swapped that lemon with the one on her iced tea, hid the original in paper napkin, and waited until Mouri's speech.
  • Later, she took the poisoned lemon from the collapsed President's mouth and hit it. Then, when everyone was focusing on the President, she returned the original lemon that had been wrapped in the napkin back to her glass.
  • Having done that, even when the police later came and investigated later, they wouldn't find any poison on top of the table.
  • Incidentally, the reason why she took a glass from the third row when she got her iced tea earlier was because she wanted to get a glass that had a lemon of similar size to the poisoned one. 
  • There is also evidence of having hidden the original lemon in a paper napkin: it's the paper napkin that I purposely burned by flinging Mouri's cigarette on it. 
  • The burn marks that stretches straight out turns into circular curve mid-way, as a proof that the lemon was there. 
  • Mrs. Urai took the poisoned lemon from the fallen President's mouth and temporarily hid it in her shoe. Then, when she passed by the tables with the glasses line up in order to undergo the body search, she purposely knocked the glasses so that she can feign a sprain, giving her a venue to take the poisoned lemon from her shoe and mixed it with other. 
  • Takagi found the wedged lemon and presented it. 
  • Mrs. Urai admitted the crime and naratted the story behind it.
  • He met her husband at a confectionary school. He was a teacher and she was a student. 
  • One dya, a few years in her studies, two people were chosen from the school to compete in a confectionary contest. Mrs. Urai was one of the chosen.
  • But before the contest was even held, there was a clear winner since it was obvious that the other person from the school, his boyfriend will win.
  • Scar confections are his specialty, so much that even scouts from overseas came to recruit him to be a patissier. 
  • But on the day before the contest, he committed suicide. 
  • A few years later, she married President Urai, who had been overjoyed that she won at the competition. 
  • The one who drove her boyfriend to death was President Urai. When he became bedridden from eating sour cake, he confessed that he couldn't handle sour things since it reminds him of her's ex-boyfriend.
  • Before the contest, he had eaten a pie the boyfriend had made and President Urai said to him that his work is TOO sour. 
  • The boyfriend, who completely trusts with President Urai became neurotic and took his own life. President Urai told Mrs. Urai that he'd done it so that she can win and that it never thought it would result with his death. 
  • Well with regards with the White Day.....
  • Megure called his wife and told her the location of the chocolate.
  • Kogoro asked Ran to deliver to Eri his White Day present.
  • Takagi has present for Satou, which has been hidden in her car's glove compartment for three days. 
  • Sonoko received a white star mark of victory from Makoto-san.
  • And Ran received lozenges from Shinichi after hearing that her voice was nasal. 

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