Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 45

It's kinda refreshing to see Havoc and Roy for a while. 
On the other hand, I am getting excited to see this Ling-Greed-Ed master and subordinate relationship.

Episode 45: The Promised Day

We continue with Greed and Wrath fighting in the presence of Pride who is on standby in case something drastic happens. Greed is getting irritated with the memories that is now coming back to him that's why he is getting so angry. Wrath comments that this is Greed's greed - holding on even to memories of his past and does not want to let go.

In the Armstrong Manor, Olivier already asked her family to retire and go on a vacation to protect her family from the upcoming problem that will soon happen to Amestris. The fight who will become the head of the house is between Olivier and Alex and as evidently as it is, Olivier won the fight.

As for May Chang, she arrived in Youswell and was stopped by people who are so warm and friendly because she is about to cross a sand storm. This kindness makes her remember Al and everybody else. With Envy's pushing and convincing, May turned back and headed back to Central.

Ed, on the other hand, heads to the their hideout with the hopes that he will find Al but instead he finds Ling. Ling, as in the Prince of Xing is so, so, so hungry so Ed and the chimera guys fed him. Ling told Ed that Greed cut his ties with the homonculus and he took this chance to temporarily get his body back. Ling was also able to reveal about the Promised Day that Father is waiting for. He also suggests that when Father opens the gate on that day, he and Al can have a chance to get their own bodies back. Greed then takes control over Ling's body and starts to head out with no where to go. Ed offers his companionship but he is too greedy to accept it. 

Greed walks away but Ed chases him. He said that he will work as his subordinate because he recognizes the opportunity. Besides, pride doesn't bother him anymore. Afterall, he worked as a State Alchemist, a dog of the military.

Meanwhile, Izumi gets to know about the Promised Day thing thanks to Al and Hoenheim. Izumi then intentionally entered Briggs so that she can relay the message to Miles and Buccaneer. Falman also get to know this information and passed it to General Grumman who then passed it to Hawkeye. Hawkeye passed the message to Havoc so Havoc can pass the message Mustang through a cigarette pack. The message says that the promised day will come the next spring and that the north and east will make their move.

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