Monday, December 28, 2009

Season Preview: Winter 2010

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Omateseshimashita minna! :)
It again took us long but I really made sure that before 2009 closes, I can already post the previews for the next year's first anime season. As with previous previews, summaries of each series are posted as well our reactions and comments.

So feel free, take your pick and get ready for Winter 2010!

Ryuugamine Mikado is a boy who longs for the exciting life of the big city. At the invitation of his childhood friend Masaomi, he transfers to a school in Ikebukuro. Masaomi has warned him about people he doesn't want to cross in the city: a champion fighter, an informant, and a mysterious gang called "Darazu." Nervous from Masaomi's stories, Mikado witnesses an urban legend on his first day in the city, the Headless Rider astride a black motorcycle. From then on, the existence of supernatural cases and a gang called the Yellow Turbans will rise to the surface, and Ikebukuro will pushed to the breaking point.

Sapphire_pyro says:
GUARANTEED FAVORITE OF THIS SEASON!!!!! Baccano is one of my top favorite anime, but I don't really need to be biased to this to appreciate it because IT REALLY IS JUST AS AWESOME!!!!! The previews and the trailers already blew me away. I even ordered a G-Fantasy magazine just to get my hands on something DRRR (I haven't gotten it yet though). I TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!! DEFINITELY BLOGGING THIS!!!! And only this I guess . . . . I can't pick more than one series anymore . . .~

xtine06 says:
My senses got interested in watching this one. Sapphy has gone all crazy over this one and all of the time, when she is interested, I am interested too. So I guess count me along with Sapphy who will watch this series next season.

Dance in the Vampire Bund
The story revolves around Mina Tepes, princess-ruler of all vampires, and her "protector," Akira. Like other vampires, Mina has been in hiding with her people for many years. Seeking to end centuries of isolation, Mina gains permission to create a special district for vampires, "The Bund", off the coast of Japan by paying off the national debt of the Japanese government. Mina then reveals to the world the existence of vampires and her desire for both races to live together. Tensions, however, run high as fearful humans and extremist vampire factions begin to interfere with Mina's wish for peace with the human world.

Sapphire_pyro says:
This is bloody awesome and I like the leading guy but it bothers me so much that the leading girl is a loli! Uuuuugggghhh . . . . . I want her as a grown woman. Not a loli!!! *not fond of lolis . . . . even gothic/dark lolis* I can imagine her as a grown woman but . . . it's not as exciting . . . .and it's difficult for me to ship. Aaaarrrggghh . . . why lolis damnit.

xtine06 says:
I am giving this a chance. My thoughts will be decided when I watched the first episode.

Sora no Woto
In a future land marred by long-lasting war, a quiet decline has begun. 15 year old Kumika realizes her dream to enlist in the army and joins a unit of five in protecting a fortress. Together, they create music that reverberates across the skies, over empty towns and empty seas.

Sapphire_pyro says:
As many have described it, it's like K-ON going military. Haha! The story looks interesting. The trailer had been really nice. There seems to have been good budget on its production. Hehe. I guess it's worth checking out~

xtine06 says:
K-on going military. Hahahhaahahaha. I'm gonna see this one. Music is one of my favorite plots, and I won't let this one pass on me ^^

Hanamaru Kindergarten
Anzu goes to a prescholl with her friends, the shy Koume and the eccentric Hiiragi. Together, they try to gain Anzu attention from their male carer Tsuchida, though he is clearly more interested in the pretty Yamamamoto who supervisesthe class next door.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I am not into kiddies at all . . . much more if they're female. *prefers baby boys* but this one is just too ridiculous for me.
Yeah, it's cute. I like the grown-ups in the series. But seriously, kids looking at porn magazines and one of them is making porn star poses just to attract the teacher she's in love with? Why do children want to flirt so disgustingly at such an age? It's hilarious in a way but . . . . this isn't my type of humor. And I hope no children would follow such an example.

xtine06 says:
I am not interested with the plot. I will pass this one.

Nodame Cantabile Finale
At a top music academy in Japan, Shinichi Chiaki's arrogance is matched only by his top-notch piano playing. But when Chiaki and the teacher get into a fight, he's demoted to the reject class. Chiaki is left to pursue his dream of being a conductor while surrounded by a bunch of loser musicians and one annoying girl, Noda, who has proclaimed herself Chiaki's girlfriend. It doesn't help that Noda, who insists on being called Nodame, lives right next door to him

Sapphire_pyro says:

xtine06 says:
OF COURSE!!!! NODAME!!! CHIAKIIIII!!!!! This is a must watch this season!!!!!!!!!!!

Gag Manga Biyori+
Gyagu Manga Biyori is hyperactive, random, and nonsensical, revolving around various plots and characters throughout the series. It makes absolutely no sense. The 1st episode is about stickers included in snacks

Sapphire_pyro says:
It sounds fun, but it's a sequel of a show I haven't heard of before so . . .pass.

xtine06 says:
Err..I haven't watched the previous seasons sooooooo, I can't watch this.

Qwaser of Stigmata
In St. Mikhailov Academy, Oribe Mafuyu meets a silver haired boy called Alexander. He is a Qwaser, a being who can manipulate iron and draws his power from breast milk. A mystery surrounding an Icon transforms the academy into setting for various conflicts between the different Qwasers.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I like shows with biblical references but . . . . oh come on, does it really have to be breast sucking for their power-ups??? That's just disturbing. I appreciate that the author's trying something different . . . but oh come on. That was just so awkward. Aside from that, there are stupid things like the typical bullying bitches but the story's actually pretty interesting. It's just too disturbing . . . I wonder how the hell the anime's going to censor those . . . .or will it?

xtine06 says:
After reading the first part of the summary, it got me interested, but after the breast milk part....I was...0_0 SERIOUSLY. What's the point of having breast milk as the source of power? Can't it be from anywhere else? Oh please!!

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
Akihisa attends an academy where test results determine classes. In A class, prodigies can enjoy reclining seats and air-con, but Akihisa's F class sports decrepit tables and broken windows. He rallies F classes to take on higher classes and claim school supremacy by summoning fantasy creatures to battle.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I am really sick of stories with loser leading guys but strong females that protect him and also provide ecchi fanservice. I think I spotted a bishie from this when I watched the trailer, but I highly doubt I'll get hooked to this.

xtine06 says:
Well, I am not into the plot so much so I will pass this one out.

Hidamari Sketch
Yuno has been accepted to her dream school: Yamabuki Arts High School. To attend the school, Yuno moves and starts to live in a small apartment building named the Hidamari Apartments located near the school. Once there, she starts making new friends like her classmate Miyako and the second year students, Hiro and Sae. Surrounded by good friends, Yuno starts moving towards her dream of being an artist.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I have never seen a Hidamari Sketch episode and the premise didn't appeal to me much either. Maybe I'll try an episode one day, but I highly doubt I'll get hooked to this. I think this series is for those who like moe . . . and I'm not really the type.

xtine06 says:
Familiar with the title, but I haven't watched the other previous episodes. Maybe someday? But not now :)

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3
Akane Motomiya and her friends Tenma and Shimon are pulled by a demon into another world, where Akane becomes the Priestess of the Dragon God. The people of this world tell her that she is the only one who can stop the demons from taking over; meanwhile, the demons want to use her power for their own ends. Luckily, Akane has the Hachiyou, eight men with powers of their own who are sworn to protect the Dragon Priestess.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I have never heard of this and it's already on its third season? o_O Ah well, the bishies may be pretty, but I sense it as a Fushigi Yuugi wannabe and I think it's reverse harem. That sucks.

xtine06 says:
You know me guys, the bishies are LOVE. I wonder if I can watch it without watching the OVA and the movie??! But I am so interested with the cute guys so if ever I found a way to catch up this Christmas break, then I will definitely watch this one.

Hiroshi moves into Jogamachi, a serene village with a river that divides the old and new, where ancient traditions still remain. Bewildered, he settles in and befriends his classmates, but Nemuru Kushinada's only words are a warning to stay away from the old part of town. There, terror and mystery awaits.

xtine06 says:
The plot got me interested. What is the terror and mystery all about???! I will check this one out.

Omamori Himari
Yuto Amakawa is an ordinary 16-year-old high schooll boy protected by Himari, a beautiful, sword-wielding cat girl spirit. He is descended from a family known for subjugating demons. With his protective charm no impotent, Himari appears before him as his new guardian.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I am very sick of ecchi animanga with a loser leading guy with a childhood friend that wakes him up every morning and has a one-sided crush on him, and his leading lady is a supernatural being that protects him. Why are they too the same??? Uuuuggghh . . . at least the ecchi here is are not unbelievable "accidents". She was REALLY flirting with him and wants him to do . . .. things. In other words, it's staright to the point. No teasing and other crap. This would've been pretty interesting if it weren't for the cliches (there's also the usual stupid beach episode!!!!) . . . pass!

xtine06 says: tired of such plots after Wagaya no Oinari-sama. I'm gonna pass plots such as these for a while. Maybe after a while, I'm gonna consider watching plots similar to this again.

Ladies vs. Butlers
Akiharu Hino looks like a juvenile delinquent, but he enrolls into an academy that was once a school for upper-class ladies. Placed in the school's new servant training department, where students are raised to be butlers, Akihira finds himself stuck in the middle of its bickering cliques.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I see more ladies than butlers. And I think there's ecchi fanservice. Not interested.

xtine06 says:
I like the plot but I am afraid of the ecchi and fanservice blahs so I will pass this.

Nayu shocks her schoolmates on the first day of middle school by wearing black lace panties. She aims to spread the word on the merits of underwear and help other girls concerned with their development - by opening an underwear club.

Sapphire_pyro says:
It's faservice for perverts or those with underwear fetish. I can't believe the leading girl, on how idiotic she could be for not thinking that people could mistake her for being a pervert after groping a classmate's breasts and also investigating them inside an unlocked classroom. The hell . . . the story's too stupid for me that I couldn't read more of the manga.

xtine06 says:
OMG. What's the plot the revolves around panties? What a very weird plot. I really find it weird that a story is made to revolve around panties.
My verdict? I WONT WATCH this.

Weiss Survive R
The story follows the main characters Takeshi and Michi as they get lost in the Card Battle world to have to win card battles to return home. A new character will debut in the project with designs by Takuya Fujima.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I thought this was just some shounen show involving cards . . . but now I see pictures with perverted fanservice??? Why are kiddie shows being so perverted in this era? This might make "rape" or "prostitution" no longer a crime. I'm beginning to fear the future.

xtine06 says:
Eee....I tried watching this and I can't stand it. I can't believe it even continued to its second season.

Kaito Reinya
Reinya, wears a signboard for the Faminya convenience store near a police station by day. By night, she is a whimsical thief chased by bumbling police offices, led by the handsome Keiji-san and the cool Keibu-san. Joining Reinya on her escapades is her trusty assistant, the mouse Chutaro.

Sapphire_pyro says:
Eeeerrr . . . . Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne wannabe? The art is prettier in Kaitou Jeanne . . . and the story seems more interesting . . . maybe too shoujo but at least less kiddie. I won't bother myself with this one.

xtine06 says:
This one has a kiddie sense. So I won't be bothering myself with this one.

Heartcatch Precure
Love Momozono visits a show of famous dance unit "Trinity" and becomes a dancer, too. However, Labyrinth Kingdom subordinates wish to collect the audience's unhappiness. Love gets the power to change into Cure Peach and he is joined by her good friends Cure Berry and Cure Pine to fight them.

Sapphire_pyro says:
I have never watched a Precure episode so there's no way I can relate to this one. And I don't think I would plan to watch one at all, because there are already so many seasons and episodes. That will be too troublesome for me to marathon =_=

xtine06 says:
I watched the first season and I wanted to see this one out of curiosity.


  1. Ahhh... this winter too not much interesting anime... i'll just watch durarara and ookamikushi only maybe... lol.

  2. @Mito

    I know right? i will be watching less shows next year ^^

  3. Wow this winter season sucks. Hope spring would be better.