Thursday, December 24, 2009

Naruto - Chapter 475-476

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Chapter 475: Madara's True Strength
Chapter 476: Sasuke vs. Danzou

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Chapter 475 highlights:
  • Madara and Danzou goes head to head.
  • Of course, Torune and Fuu are the ones protecting their beloved Danzou.
  • A big reveal guys. Torune hails from the Aburame clan and Fuu is from Yamanaka clan
  • But even though the two of them comes from big clans in Konoha, they are no match for Madara who just sucked them in.
  • Meanwhile, Gaara and Naruto finally met. Gaara challenged Naruto that if he is willing to take the title of the Kage, then he should be ready to face Sasuke, just like a Hokage will do.
  • Inside Madara, Sasuke wakes up and he was brought out back to the world.
  • And so, Danzou and Sasuke starts to fight.
  • What is inside Danzou's right arm? It's an arm full of Sharingan!!!
Chapter 476 highlights:
  • The fight between Danzou and Sasuke ensues.
  • Sasuke confronts Danzou and asked him if what he knew about Itachi's truth is what actually happened.
  • Of course, Danzou admitted it and this angered the already heated Sasuke.
  • As Danzou attacks, Sasuke's Susanoo protected him from Danzou's attacks.
  • Meanwhile, Yamato and Naruto heads back to Konoha to inform the people about the war while Sai and Kakashi goes after Sakura.
  • On the background, Naruto has a flashback and hyperventilates because of this.
  • The chapter ended with Danzou and Sasuke having their fight escalated to the next level.


  1. The Sharingan arm... what will Kishi think of next? I don't want to know what else Danzo has underneath his robes.

  2. @TJ..
    yeah. in the whole naruto series, you would really get shocked when something is revealed about danzou.