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Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 17-18

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Umineko Double Post!

Episode 17: Promotion
Episode 18: Swindles

~ This is the return of the dead~

For quick post purposes, I am gonna copy summaries from Wikipedia and give my comments later.

Episode 17:
Battler decides to give Beatrice another chance to change her ways, so Beatrice goes to the real world to visit George, who is still grieving over Shannon's death, and offers to bring Shannon back to life. However, her powers have greatly diminished, but with George's assistance, she manages to resurrect Shannon. Sensing this, Eva-Beatrice kills George and Shannon shortly after they reunite, along with Krauss and Natsuhi in the process. Shortly after the survivors discover the bodies, Jessica accuses Eva of being the culprit. Eva panics and accidentally fires her rifle at Jessica, blinding her with the muzzle flash. While Nanjo escorts Jessica away to treat her, Jessica insists he go back to keep Battler out of danger, but Nanjo is killed by Eva-Beatrice before he can, leaving Jessica completely defenseless.

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Episode 18:
Beatrice resurrects Kanon's spirit for Jessica and defends her against Eva-Beatrice, nearly getting killed in the process. Before Eva-Beatrice can finish her off, Battler brings her to Purgatory to challenge her. Battler theorizes that the real Eva is the culprit, but is unable to explain how Nanjo could have been killed, since Jessica was blind and he was with Eva the whole time. Battler nearly surrenders until Beatrice uses the red truth to "deny" the existence of witches and destroy Eva-Beatrice, leaving the emotionally unstable Eva to kill the other survivors and escape Rokkenjima alive. Battler is brought to the Golden Land where Beatrice and Virgilia suddenly attempt to force him to accept the existence of witches by signing a contract, revealing that Beatrice only pretended to reform to achieve this goal, and that it was Virgilia's strategy to do so. Before they can, Battler is saved by his sister Ange who, twelve years in the future, is granted the name "Beatrice" and the Ushiromiya family headship and fortune by the elderly, miserable Eva. She is dispatched by Bernkastel to begin a new game, and find out what really happened to her family in 1986.

General Comments:
This one weird move by Beato. Promise! I too was caught off guard and I had the thought of supporting Beato x Battler pairing while I am watching the episodes. But I fell off my seat when Beato revealed that this is just a scheme to get Battler acknowledge her as a witch. But I got to say, that was one smart and unusual move.

With this scheme in effect, Beato is like an angel...being a good example to the new Endless Witch, EvaBeatrice. She even resurrected Shannon and Kanon back to life just to please Battler who is willing to give her a chance so that she will be fitting to be his opponent again. But personally, even if it was part of Beato's grand plan, I find it very sweet that she exerted effort to resurrect the love interests of Jessica and George.

We also have new victim in Episode 17. It's Nanjo-sensei. He was killed by EvaBeatrice while tending to Jessica's eye injury that caused her to be temporarily blind.

Here are the list of red truths being revealed in the two episodes:
  • After Jessica was injured, Eva was already under Battler’s surveillance.
  • Thus, Eva has a perfect alibi for the killing of Nanjo.
  • At the time of Nanjo’s murder, Battler, Eva, Jessica were alive.
  • At the time of the murder, only Nanjo and Jessica were in the employee room.
  • Ushiromiya Jessica has not committed murder.
  • Eva and Battler were also not involved in the killing of Nanjo.
  • There is not nineteen or more people on the island.
  • Nanjo was murdered, and the perpetuator killed at a very close distance from the front without any traps.
  • Red only tells the truth.
Episode 18 is also the end of Round 3 where Beatrice almost won but unfortunately, Ange came and stopped Battler from signing.

Who is Ange?

She is the younger sister of Battler who is always sick so she was not in the Rokkenjima event in the year 1986. She is the piece by Lady Bernkastel in the game and according to Ange, she will hep Battler in his battle to deny the existence of witches.

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