Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kuroshitsuji OVA 1

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Kuroshitsuji OVA: His Butler, Show business

~ I am so excited to see Season 2 of Kuroshitsuji!!! And hooray for seeing Sebastian again after a long, long, long while ~

Summary of the OVA (courtesy of Wikipedia):
Ciel is sitting at his desk talking with Sebastian about the play he is hosting from the Phantomhive company. The play is "Hamlet" and is being done for a childrens Charity. Suddenly Mayliene rushes in with bad news. All the actors who were supposed to be in the play's ship has wrecked and will not be in town for another few weeks. Ciel says the play cannot be postponed and tells Sebastian to fix it. Sebastian gathers the whole group together to be in the play and we are visited by mostly ever character in the series in this episode. The play turns out for the most part, a success.

This is one hell of an episode! I really missed watching Kuroshitsuji and right now, I am itching to see and/or know spoilers for the second season of the anime. The ending part of this OVA does give hints though (I think).

Anyway, here are the characters for the Hamlet play:

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King Claudius

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Ciel Phantomhive

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Hamlet's Father (soul)

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Ophelia's Father

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Sebatian Michaels
Laertes, Ophelia's brother
Musical Director

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Prince Soma
Light Director

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Towards the end of the episode, before the preview of the next OVA is shown, Ciel is being heard and he is uttering the words.."I will continue on living and forget about revenge" and then a "To be Continued" sign is suddenly shown. What could this mean? Will these be about the second season?

Well, we have 2 months to wait for the answer as Season 2 would start on January 2010. What a way to start the new year :)


  1. Is there a place to watch this OVA?? I totally want to see it now!

  2. just google it. you would get many results to see this on streaming.