Friday, September 18, 2009

Naruto Shippuudden to be aired on Disney Channel

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First Naruto. Seems that Disney is starting to rethink their strategies with all of these recent acquisitions. read the title right. Starting this fall season, dubbed version Naruto Shippuudden can now be watched on cable TV through Disney Channel.

VizMedia has forged an agreement with Disney-ABC Cable Network Groups to make Naruto Shippuudden be available on Disney Channel this coming October, the start of the fall season.

“Disney XD is a growing destination for our key demographic, boys 6-14, and we're looking forward to bringing the adventures of 'Naruto Shippuden' to our lineup," said Tracy McAndrew, director, acquisitions and co-productions, Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group.

It was also also recently reported that Disney also acquired Marvel.



  1. I really don't know what to say other than 'lol'. Little children are now going to be watching this, good move Disney. Good job. <.<

    On the plus side, we'll possibly get more anime fans :D I however refuse to watch it. Guy who did Sasuke in the dub screwed the character over completely. However, to those who are excited; have fun.

  2. Yeah. It's a big strategic move of disney to gain more and more audience.

    But like you, I won't be watching this one tooooo. I do not like watching dubbed animes. But yeah, enjoy to all who would watch ^^

  3. Oh wow...Naruto on Disney.

    Great job, now little kids will be watching teenagers with raging hormones along with ninjas and various bloody moves.

    I LOVE Naruto, but putting it on Disney is a bit far fetched. And the guy that does Deidara's voice...not smexy enough!

    They should show the original Japanese version with just English subtitles, that way the little kids won't catch the horrible jokes and cruel language (especially by Hidan in the Shippudden)...Oh will they do Hidan's language on this channel for kids.

    All I can say to Disney: Good luck with the critics and lovers.

  4. they are not going to show naruto on disney channel this dude those no what forged means it was a fake contract so there not showing it

  5. I just saws it on disney today XD Grawsome