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Fullmetal Alchemist - Episodes 23 - 24

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Special FMA: Brotherhood Double Post!!

Episode 23: The Girl on the Battlefield
Episode 24: Inside the Belly

What a rare opportunity. I am not so late in posting the latest FMA episode.

Episode 23: The Girl on the Battlefield


So much for the flashbacks of the previous episode, we all go back to the present Ling vs. Gluttony vs. Wrath fight. Ling manages to escape for a while but with Gluttony's ability to follow trails, this attempt is futile. Another ongoing fight is between Scar, Ed and Al. It was really one hell of a fight. Gluttony then appears after being sent by Wrath who went to deal with Ling by himself. Scar had a hard time trying to fight Gluttony because of his regeneration ability. Ling then arrives blasting Gluttony with his grenades. Ling was able to escape from Wrath after Lan Fan decided to cut his arms and tie it to a dog to somehow confuse the trailing Wrath. Back to the battle, Ling had Ed transmute a really strong wire so that he can tie around Gluttony. Thus, Gluttony was captured.


Roy's assistance was through Hawkeye as he instructed her as their backup. Hawkeye, in disguise, took Ling and the captured Gluttony. Along the way, they also picked up the bleeding Lan Fan in the sewers but unfortunately, they were seen by Wrath and notes that this time Roy has done it.


Back to Scar, after being injured at the leg by Hawkeye was put into a disadvantage against the Elric Brothers. As it might seem that the win is on their side, May Chang arrives to help Scar get away. But it was only May Chang who escaped as Al got hold of the panda Shao May.


Winry, who was taken into a safe place was with King Bradley when the Eldric Brothers arrived. After Bradley took his leave, Ed told Winry the whole truth about her parent's death. When they returned to the hotel, Winry got a phone call from arfiel back in Rush Valley, and she hears all the people who are waiting for her to return to fix their automail. And she has LOTS of customers.


Because of this, Winry decided to return to Rush Valley. Now this is a very SWEET Ed x Winry moment. Ed promised the young girl that the next she cries, it would be tears of joy. As the train moves aways and Winry sees the fading back of Ed, he realizes that she fell in LOVE. Awwwww.....Winry.......


Outside the station, Roy picks up the brothers to get Dr. Knox to attend to Lan Fan's injury. After the surgery, Lan Fan compliments Ed on the decoy arm he used against her since she had in turn used the same against Wrath. Given how she needs an arm now, Ed promises to introduce her to a good automail technician. So just as I predicted, Lan Fan is getting an automail arm. Winry's got another happy customer!!


It is also this moment that Ling and Roy formally introduced themselves to each other. Ling reveals the shocking truth the Present of the military, King Bradley is a homonculus. But he is special because he was able to establish his human presence unlike the other homonculus. Now that they captured Gluttony, the three argue about what to do to the Philosopher's stone of the big, fat monster when suddenly Gluttony heard Mustang's name. Gluttony suddenly gone berserk for he recognizes the name that killed Lust. His stomach opened and caused an explosion to the cabin.

Episode 24:Inside the Belly

This is a super crack episode! Even though our characters are in a pinch, they still manage to somehow made us all laugh.

~ Mustang aka Useless Colonel was really useless when he faced Gluttony. His fire was only swallowed by Gluttony's mouth/stomach.

~ Because he was still injured and useless, Roy was forced to leave together with Lan Fan and Hawkeye. While still persistent that he will help in the fight, he was rejected by everybody saying that he is just a nuisance and he can't help them.

~Ling, Al and Ed were left to beat Gluttony but when they are already in the battlefield, they are trembling because of fear since they realized that Gluttony is somewhat scary.

~ Envy arrived to pick up Gluttony and he greeted Ed as an ochibi. So, Ed attacked him and said that there already 7 occasions where Envy called him a runt: 5 times in the 5th Laboratory, and 2 times currently.

Roy's pinch:


Now knowing the possibility that King Bradley is a homonculus, Roy sets out to the Central Office so that he will know who could be his allies and who are his foes. But it turns out, he was put into a big pinch. He talked to Lt. General Raven to float the idea of Bradley as a homonculus. Much to Mustang’s dismay, King Bradley himself is there as well, causing Mustang to realize that Hughes was trying to warn him that the military itself was dangerous.

Dr. Marcoh's whereabouts


He is with Envy. In his talk with Envy in the beginning of the episode, he was able to deduce the homonculus' true goal: transmuting the whole Ametris to make philospher stones. He was being blackmailed by Envy so that he will help them or else, they will be harming the city where Marcoh was helping out. Now, Marcoh is about to make a choice: kill many to save a few or kill the few to save many. Tough decision right?

Gluttony's stomach:


Ling is facing Envy and the Elric brothers with Gluttony. Ling proves to be stronger than Envy anticipated, but Envy transforms into Lan Fan and slows Ling down enough to let Gluttony try to swallow him up. Ed jumps to save Ling but he was put into danger of being sucked by Gluttony's stomach so Envy followed. So the people who get sucked by Gluttony were: Ling, Ed and Envy. Al was left alone with Gluttony and was devastated because he thinks that he lost his older brother.

Meanwhile, Ed wakes up wakes up to find himself alone in a dark place full of blood and debris and he has no idea on where in the world is he.

Other important notes:

~ Pride had a little moment in this episode. Even though his face was not shown, Wrath was talking to him. I am spoiled on who Pride is but I am still excited to see his introduction to the anime.

~ Ling and Lan Fan was taken by Dr. Knox to safety.

~ Roy was able to escape Gluttony through a dummy that Ed transmuted. Gluttony who is shallow and stupid fell for the trap.


  1. wow,u r late for ur ep23 but early for ur ep 24!!.well u definitely post a lot this round.

    Mustang aka Useless Colonel was really useless
    poor colonel.... arakawa loves making fun of him...

    anyway i enjoy this 2 eps immmersely.and glad that u cover this 2 with a lot of pics !
    about roy and ling....i couldnt help but think of gundam00 XD


  2. @ tropicallove

    i know right? i am late at the same time early.

    i am glad you enjoy my screencaps. i am really trying my best to capture the best scenes. your comment is really inspiring ^^

    i will make sure to also post episode 25 in a much earlier day. hopefully. hahaha.