Sunday, August 2, 2009

Valkyria Chronicles - Episode 16

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I like this shot of Alicia. So emo......

Suddenly, Valkyria Chronicles became a love anime, just for this episode I guess.

Episode 16 is entitled Unexpressed Feelings and just as the title suggests, this episode centered on the love interests of the different characters. There's only a little Faldio moment in this episode but nonetheless, my love for him didn't change even for a bit.

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Selvaria x Maximillan
  • We get to see Zero errr...Maximillian not to worried about what happened at Fouzen. He is ready to make his next move.
  • So on to his relationship with Selvaria, it seems that before Maximillian was the one who offered a hand to Selvaria. Selvaria's name was actually from a blue rose named Selvaria. After the meeting, Selvaria and Maximillian stopped by the garden to admire the blue roses. While Maximillian is so engrossed with the flower, Selvaria is promising to herself that she will live for Maximillian and she dedicated her future to him.
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Isara x Lamar
  • There is a development in the love story of Isara and Lamar. Lamar is so nice to go shopping with Isara. He offered a drive to his apple of the eye.
  • I think Isara likes Lamar too. He doesn't reject Ramal nor show any sign that she didn't like him. I hope she does because they look so cute together.
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Largo x Varrot
  • Largo's love situation is much similar to Welkin's position right now. He secretly loved Varrot from the time he met her but didn't get to confess because his bestfriend liked her too. Too bad, the bestfriend died but still Largo didn't get to confess and just got contented with watching over her. Even up to now,Varrot holds a special place in Largo's heart.
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Faldio x Alicia
  • This wasn't emphasized too much as Faldio didn't get too much cameo this time. But I think this should be mentioned because Faldio already confessed to Alicia in the previous episode. Alicia is confused on what to do, recognizing that Faldio is a great guy but she knows that he likes Welkin.
  • If I'm in Alicia's place, then Faldio will be the person that I will choose!!!!!! He's cool, handsome, knowledgeable, intelligent and he's got the charms. But come to think of it, I think I prefer Alicia not choosing Faldio because Faldio is MINE!! ^^ Hahahaha.
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Welkin x Alicia
  • I wanna say that Welkin is a big jerk. He simply cannot face his feelings for Alicia. He cannot draw the line between him, Alicia and Faldio. I mean, it's already obvious to him that Alicia wants him. The heck, the fact that Alicia wants to know Welkin's feelings is a proof that she wants him. But he is so blinded by his insecurities that he cannot see this already conspicuous sign.

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