Friday, July 17, 2009

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 - Episode 06

It's the 15,521st time.

Hello minna! It is yet again another update about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -- and if you are tired of the same old Endless Eight episode -- then I suggest you should skip this episode because there's not much progress with this episode. There is, however, a little easter egg in this episode -- short but I still like it.

As you have noticed, I'm not as hostile as I was in the previous entries with Endless Eight. Yes, KyoAni's trolling us. That's for sure, but after reading some other blogs defending the Endless Eight arc, I do agree with what they say. As some of the bloggers have said: KyoAni's move in trolling the fans who don't notice much subtlety (including myself) causes us to talk, talk and talk about Haruhi -- which, of course garners free publicity for the series. I can attest to that since my Haruhi posts over at TanTango are the most popular ones, compared to my figure posts. Another is: the repeating episodes somehow make viewers feel sympathetic to what Yuki feels. Remember, after the loop has been revealed to Kyon, he wonders how Yuki could actually stand it -- we viewers -- who more or less remember that Endless Eight has been looping -- would actually know what Yuki is experiencing.

That set aside though, I thought that the previous episode's focus on the plane in the sky and the clouds are some sort of hint, but the episode seemed to have proved me wrong because there is still no progress in this episode. Now I feel that the hypothesis that endless eight would have eight iterations before the arc comes to a close is coming true, since we are on the 5th iteration now.

This episode's featured items are: Kyon's cellphone, butterflies, clocks/watches and PET bottles.

Itsuki is cute, but this just makes him look gay.

Azu-nyan and Ui-chan easter egg~!

In this episode, the public pool scenario has caught my attention because: 1)Itsuki looks very gay in his swimming trunks, but also oddly reminds me that Lelouch wears black briefs and 2) There's an Easter egg in this scenario: K-On!'s Azu-nyan and Ui-chan can be seen with Haruhi -- funny thing is, they're both sunburned.

Aside from that, there are not much points of interest to be seen. I liked the air of this episode better than the GLOOM that is felt in the last episode though.

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