Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist - Episode 14

Episode 14: Those Who Lurk Underground

~Izumi is still spitting blood. Hahha.~

~I am Greed, the Avaricious. Money! Women! Subordinate! Everything belongs to me!~


This is where the first adaptation of FMA separates with the second. For me, this is the episode where the story officially took the other way around. Though the differences between the two adaptations are already evident when the first episode aired, I think this where the two established their differences. So to non-FMA manga readers like me, there has been and there will be a lot of new things to see and much more exciting plot twists.
  • So we start with Roy finally moving in to Central where he caused a lot of rumors about his fast and swift transfer. Bot Roy's smile is saying that this is just how he planned it.
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  • The first half of the episode was one hell of a fight! All of Greed's men died in the hands of Bradley. Aww :( They are too cool to die.
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  • This is the episode where King Bradley finally showed his seal of Ouroboros. It is on his patched eye (not sure if left or right x___x) and this is just a proof that he is one of the homonculus.
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  • Can't believe that Greed only had two episodes!!! Noooo!!! In the first season he stayed for a little longer before he died in Ed's hand but this time, he died in a much horrible way. Huhuhu :( He was burned to death by his father while being crucified in a pillar. This machinery is somehow connected to the father and he was able to drink Greed's blood, thereby returning Greed as part of his soul. He was asked as to why he betrayed his family and he answers by saying that he is greedy and he wants everything for himself.
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  • Al finally remembers what he saw inside the gate and unfortunately, there is nothing about human transmutation.
  • Ed and Al still doesn't know the unfortunate incident that happened to Hughes :( With this, Armstrong warned them to be careful and not do anything reckless.
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  • King Bradley actually has a family and he has a son! He looks so sweet and fatherly in front of his little boy, Selim.
Now that the fact about the homonculus is fully revealed, I guess it's time for me to reveal them all.
~Lust, the Lascivious~
*The Ultimate Spear*
~Gluttony, the Voracious~
~Envy, the Jealous~
~Wrath, the Furious~
*The Ultimate Eye*
* The Homunculus that ages*
~Greed, the Avaricious~
*The Ultimate Shield*

I guess they are lacking one now. In the previous adaptation, they have Pride as King Bradley and Wrath is a young boy. I dunno if someone like the previous Wrath would appear in the next few episodes to come.

It is also the time for me to show a preview of the homonculus' father. I have a STRONG hunch on who he is but for the sake of excitement and thrill, the name of their father will not be disclosed until such time that his name is revealed for real. For now, be satisfied with sneak peaks of his face.

With this, the first arc of the FMA storyline is done. Next episode would be the start of a new one. Guess we will be seeing Scar back and Riza with her hair down. Hahaha.

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