Saturday, July 11, 2009

Aoi Hana - Episode 1

Aoi Hana Episode 1: Flower Tale
Fumi Manjōme and Akira Okudaira were best friends when they were little, with Akira always looking after the crybaby Fumi, but that all ended when Fumi's family moved away. Several years later, Fumi's family return, and she and Akira happen to bump into each other on their way to school. They become friends again, quickly slipping back into old patterns. Shortly after, Fumi begins dating a cool, attractive upperclassman named Yasuko Sugimoto who coincidentally has ties to Akira's current school, the prestigious Fujigaya Girls Academy.


I am starting my summer anime watching and I am starting it with Aoi Hana. Since this is an introductory post, I will be introducing the first two main characters who debuted in this episode. There are two other characters who will be playing an important role in the story but I will be introducing them as soon they did have a longer screen time.

Akira Okudaira
Akira is an innocent and cheerful girl in her first-year at Fujigaya Girls Academy. She was the childhood friend of Fumi and after meeting her again after ten years is friends again. She acts as a main source of advice for Fumi.

Fumi Manjome
Fumi is a first-year student at Matsuoka Girl's High School, and is a tall, shy girl known to be a crybaby. Fumi comes back to the town she grew up in and she meets, without realizing it, her childhood friend Akira Okudaira. When they were much younger, Akira had been Fumi's protector, keeping her out of harm and consoling her when she cried.

The first episode of Aoi Hana dealt with the introduction of the above mentioned characters and their own unique personalities. Nothing's been introduced about the real plot story just yet. What's important in this episode is that it was established the bond of friendship that exist between Fumi and Akira. This bond would be important in the development of the story.
I didn't see any preview for the next episode but still I hope to meet other characters soon.

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