Friday, June 12, 2009

Nodame Cantibile Manga Backstage Manga Planned

Noda-Can BS out on August 8, 2009!

Tomoko Ninomiya, the creator of the popular musical slice-of-life manga Nodame Cantabile, will be launching a new manga mini-series called Noda-Can BS in the September issue of Kodansha's bimonthly Kiss Plus magazine on August 8. Noda-Kan BS is an abbreviation of "Nodame Cantabile Backstage." The short story in each four-page installment will focus on the supporting characters instead of the protagonists of the main series (the young musicians Nodame and Chiaki). For example, the first installment will focus on the R*S Orchestra member Tomohito Kimura and flutist Moe Suzuki.
I would be reading this mini series of Nodame. One thing that I love about Nodame are the side/supporting characters so having a story meant only for them would be interesting to read. Hopefully, this will also be included in the live-action and perhaps in the anime adaptation of Nodame. It would be more fun to watch their stories with actual music on the background rather than just simply reading them. But nonetheless, I look forward for this one to be out in about 2 months time! :)


  1. ... I can feel myself ending up reading this, even though I was annoyed with the manga. Because the drama made me all invested in the whole cast, and more stories with them = epic. I still won't watch or read the animanga versions though. It seems the only incarnation of Nodame that I can stand is in drama form, lol.

  2. @galimagery..

    i wont be reading the animanga version too. most probably, i would only end up reading the mini stories because i am so interested in them. :)

  3. I read/watch all the nodame adaptations >_>;;;

    however, I love the side characters more when they interact with nodame and/or chiaki, so I am not very sure if I will enjoy these mini stories. Hmm =/