Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Detective Conan - Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Goth Loli

So I learned something new about Ice Cream Robbers in this chapter. So they are pretty much the different robbery gang who would distract their victims just so steal their belongings. Ice Cream Gang normally attack foreigners and they would speak a weird language so as to further distract their victim.
Gosh, I can't believe that something as sweet as ice cream will be used in doing crimes. Gah. -___-

We now start a new case in the manga. The manga started with two girls talking over the phone, scheduling a day on when they will see each other. Meanwhile, Ran, Sonoko, Mouri and Conan inside a restaurant. Apparently, Ran and Sonoko are on a shopping trip and they asked Mouri and Conan to come with them so that they have someone to carry their bags. While on the restaurant, they met a gothic lolita who is waiting for her friend. She felt the need to go to a comfort room and left the place. A few minutes she left, her friend arrived and Ran and company went with their shopping trip.
So while walking, Ran and Sonoko almost fell to the Ice Cream Robber guys that they got their clothes stained with ice cream. As much as they hate it, they are forced to change clothes in the CR and that's where they found the gothlic lolita dead on the CR cubicle...
Who did that and why? We will all find out next chapter!

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