Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cross Game - Episode 9

Let's do this!

Main team vs. Kou's team!! First part of the game this episode :)

The match between the main team and Kou's team finally started. Since I am not knowledgeable about baseball, I didn't really get what's happening throughout the episode. Poor me. All I know is that they are batting, running, pitching, catching and throwing. Even the point system, I don't get it but nonetheless, it's a pretty exciting game. The main team's playing data was leaked so Kou and the others have an idea on how they play. They know how to attack the enemy, based on their weakness and styles. Points are like playing tag of war as each team gets to outwit one another. As of now, Kou's team have 3 innings while the main team only had 1.
The mysterious old man is also watching the game with Aoba. I still don't know his importance in the story but I am pretty sure that he will be doing something significant as the story progress.
Next episode, the game continues as each player will get serious in winning the game!

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