Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tantei Gakuen Q Drama SP

WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY. Sorry 'bout that.

So I rewatched Tantei Gakuen Q Drama SP weeks ago and finally took some screenshots. ahaha.

So the drama started in Kyuu's classroom after class. It seems that Kyuu's teacher and him are close and after classes Kyuu gives him some mystery problems. This is the scene when they were doing some exercise because the teacher can't answer the problem. Remember the scene in the anime series when Kinta told Kazuma that sometimes, you have to your body not just your brain to solve a case? I think they were implying that scene here in the drama.

Kyuu arrives at the prestigious Dan Detective Academy for his entrance test. I think the school is located at a hidden place. LOL.

Kyuu meets Saburoumaru Yutaka of Toudai University with an IQ of 180, as he say. His hair's so far from the anime right? I think his hair in the anime could be made into a real hairstyle. Well, look at Chiaki's hair in the drama of Nodame Cantabile.

Other members of Class Q arrives. Megu is the girl beside Kyuu and Ryuu on the bottom picture.

MeguxKyuu Pair ♥

Top: Megu's look when she uses her photographic memory.
Bottom: Another member of the Class Q, Touyama Kintarou.

The legendary Dan Morihiko disguised as an old man. This is the scene when Kyuu went back to save Dan-sensei because he heard the alarm of the dam. He already deduced that the old man can' t walk because of his shoes.

Kyuu buying underwear. ♥

And the last member of Class Q.

The first question on the written exam. Where do you think is the bus facing? :)

KyuuxMegu Pair again ♥

Serious look on their faces. This is when they thought that Saborumaru was dead.

Remember this painting? It's the 9 nine dragons. This is the trick door that Kuzuryuu Takumi and this is where he locked up King Hades.


Class Q receiving their DDS Notebook.
  • I was impressed on how they made the props and everything realistic especially the DDS notebook. If only they sell that, I would have bought it.
  • The storyline of the anime was squeezed for one hour.
  • Kinta is actually pretty cool. LOL. Compared to him on the anime, Kinta looks more decent here on the drama and the actor gave a new image on Kinta.
  • Kamiki (Kyuu) and Yamada (Ryuu) are handsome especially Ryuu.I'm being baised again. LOL.
  • I have nothing to say about Kazuma. :)) ahaha.
  • In the scene where they entered the sealed room, in the drama, it was Megu who suggested that they should enter the room. In the anime it was the other way around. Kyuu is a scaredy cat here in the drama.
  • The actors did well in portraying their roles. ♥
  • This is a must watch drama special. ♥

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