Sunday, May 3, 2009

Anime Review: Tantei Gakuen Q

The Dan Detective School is a Japanese detective school permitted by the government. Kyu, an ordinary boy with big dreams to become detective, attends the school as a member of Q Class along with Megu, the girl with photographic memory; Kazuma, the computer genius kid; Kinta, the strong; and the mysterious Ryu. Together they solve many cases which bring them to face Pluto, the crime organization which should have been destroyed by Dan Morihiko. (
I finished watching Tantei Gakuen Q or TGQ two years ago but I am rewatching itright now. The series is composed of 45 episodes and I am still not satisfied with it. In the span of 45 episodes, there are still some mysteries left unsolved. Good thing, TGQ had a live action series which somehow gave light to the questions the anime left unanswered. Anyway, from all the tantei series that I have watched, TGQ is ranked second. Of course, Detective Conan is on the top but TGQ is good enough to be at par with Conan. What made it ranked second for me was the way the protagonists solve their cases. The cases are solved in a much slower rate as compared to the cases of Detective Conan. Well, TGQ are just a group of students while Shinichi/Conan is already a pro and could be considered as Q class' senpai.

The choice of cases of TGQ is something that I also like about the series. Some series are unique and original while some are already used in other tantei series. But, what makes TGQ cases extra special is the element of suspense. At some point, you would always feel afraid and thrilled on what's going to happen next so you would really look forward in watching the next episode. There is always the presence of danger in the cases that they solve so it adds more spice to your watching experience.

"こたえ は ひとす!" (Kotae wa hitotsu!) is the catchphrase of TGQ. Normally, it is Kyuu who says this line but in some instances other members of the Q class got to say this one. This is normally followed by the x number of hints that they got in solving the case. followed by a series of demonstrations and examples. Personally, I like this way of explaining since it makes it more structured and much easier to understand. At the same time, if you are also trying to solve the case, giving hints while explaining the case would somehow help you understand their reasoning. And so this is why I think TGQ is elementary as compared to Conan.

For my favorite character, I guess its Ryuu Amakusa that I like the most. He is the one with the blue hair. His mysterious character is so appealing not to mention his wits and talent to be a detective. His calm nature enabled him to think properly in every situation that they are in. He is a quiet type of person but he really has much to say about his personal background. If you're curious about Ryuu's personal background, then better watch TGQ and you will soon know.

Overall, TGQ is a good series to watch especially if you're into mysteries, detectives, cases and stuff. I think the cases in TGQ are much simpler as compared to Detective Conan so you can also do your own deductions just like I do and see if you have the makings of a meitantei.

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