Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hanasakeru Seishounen - Episode 5

Prince Rumati!!!

So we now have a new bishounen in our list. He is Prince Rumati from Raginei, a country in the Southeast Asia and is kinda similar to countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Prince Rumati is the crown prince of Rumati and is about to celebrate his coming of age ceremony (15 years old).
Rumati seems to be attracted with Kajika because of her innocence and transparent character. More of Rumati x Kajika moments in the next episode.
More importantly, it was mentioned that Li Ren can really become baaaddd when it comes to women. His uncle's wife, Bridgette is attracted to Li Ren but it turned out that Li Ren only took advantage of her just to understand the nature of women. Bridgette's face was really shattered when she knew that Li Ren only used her and not took her seriously.
Anyway, I wish I am as innocent, pure and transparent as Kajika. She is able to relate with people with her true personality and not end up pretending just to be accepted by other people. I guess that's her secret charm in capturing the eyes of Li Ren, Eugene and now Rumati.
As I have said, next episode would be more about Rumati and Kajika as they get to know each other more. Of course, Li Ren will be there too~~

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