Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lupin the Third VS Conan


The cross over of Lupin and Conan is really the best anime special! Conan and Lupin working together was so awesome. Well, since the title says Conan VS. Lupin, I had the impression that its going to be similar with Kaitou Kid, it's just the robber this time is Lupin III. But it turned out that its going to be a collaboration between the two. Of course, Lupin is there with the intention of stealing something while Conan is there, solving a murder case that involved Ran. Due to circumstances, Lupin and Conan was given the chance to work with each other.

It's actually hard to do a summary of the story since the first part of the special dwell on the separate activities of Conan and Lupin. It's only in the middle until towards the end that the two finally meet. Their meeting was out of the ordinary and was purely a good work of coincidence. Who would have thought that its going to be the vendo machine that would bring together the two of them? How weird!

Lupin's goal in the special is to steal the crown of the Queen in Vespania while Conan, as usual will solve the mystery of the Queen and Prince's death. Because of Lupin was again outwitted by Fujiko and end up stealing the Queen's Crown instead, Lupin disguised as Mouri to escape. When Lupin-Mouri came out, Conan was about to shot Lupin-Mouri with the tranquilizer gun, it was Inspector Zenigata who got shot! Good thing, Lupin-Mouri noticed Conan and cooperated as Conan said his deductions. Lupin-Mouri acted it out. This is the funniest part because Lupin would sometimes go on his own, not following Conan's deductions. At one point, Conan, out of desperation shouted at Lupin-Mouri that he wanted to hear the rest of the dedictions hinting that Lupin-Mouri should just shut up and follow his lead.

What I love about this episode is that the two of them knew each other's real identity. Lupin knew that Edogawa Conan was a fake and his real name is Kudo Shinichi. It seems that Lupin also found out the APTX poision that Shinichi took that's why he shrunked. Conan, on the other hand knew that Lupin is a renowned thief and warned him that if Lupin would stole something, he would not hesistate to come and catch him. Who knows, Lupin could be the long awaited solution to Conan's long time problem?

After watching this special, I would really want to have a Kaitou Kid - Lupin showdown! OMG, that would be another blast episode!!!

PS. To make up for not providing any summary, I could upload the anime special online. Just request for it and I wil gladly provide you the download links. :)



  2. torrents are available at tokyotosho. but i will upload my copy maybe the week after next, after I will change my internet provider this saturday :)