Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cross Game - Episode 5

May I borrow a saucepan?

This episode of Cross Game was more bonding time with Aoba and Kou. Momiji, Aoba's imouto got sick and because of various circumstances, it ended up that Kou and Aoba took care of Momiji when she's heating up with fever. Kou was more reliable than Aoba who did nothing. Kou cooked their meal and he knows the first aid procedures of high fever. He's one reliable guy. Well, all I could say in this episode is that there is really something between Kou and Aoba that Aoba didn't want to notice in herself and Kou is too shallow to notice. Also, this episode showed more of the sisterly love of Wakaba which I find very very very sweet.
There are still a lot things that I want to understand in this series. A lot of plots are already introduced and I look forward on how will the series progress.
Next episode shows that there's going to be more baseball scenes as compared to this episode that focused more on its spice of life theme.

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